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Every April it’s amazing to see the romance reading community rally around families living with Autism. A few years ago, authors Ginger Scott and Kennedy Ryan launched LIFT 4 Autism, the charitable initiative raising funds for ASD families during Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month.

With 1 in every 68 children diagnosed, Autism is now the fastest growing and most common disability in the US. Many of the therapies and services those living with Autism require are not covered by insurance. It can be an expensive and difficult diagnosis to navigate.This year’s charitable partner, Kulture City, does incredible things for ASD families. Discover more about their programs at


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REVIEW | Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino

luciandivine_03-1-1-1Title: Lucian Divine
Author: Renee Carlino
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 9th 2017

“My guardian angel is a drunk.”

Evelyn Casey’s life is at a standstill. She’s in her mid-twenties, struggling with the dating scene in San Francisco. Nothing seems to be working out, and she’s starting to think that she’ll live out her days in her crummy apartment with her overbearing roommate, Brooklyn. It’s absurd, but sometimes Evey longs for a guardian angel to show up and save the day.

And then he does. Seriously. His name is Lucian and he’s a guardian angel, been on the job for two thousand years. His sudden presence in her life is both good—he’s brilliant, witty, and warm—and bad—he’s brilliant, witty, warm, and hot as —-. But as perfect as Lucian seems, he’s got problems of his own. He’s taken up drinking and he’s brazenly inserted himself into Evey’s life, going against the greatest cosmic law ever created.

For Evey, the rules are simple: You are not allowed to hook up with your guardian angel. But sometimes fulfilling your destiny requires a leap of faith, a confrontation with God.

Yes, God as in God.





I am so freaking glad I took the time to read this amazing book. And I am kinda sad that this is my first book by Renee Carlino. And I still can’t believe that I read this book in around 5 hours without taking a break, except for a coffee. I still can’t believe how wonderful and amazing the journey of this book was.

LUCIAN DIVINE is very exceptional, and beautifully written story about unconditional love , beauty , passion and humor . Lucian Divine is categorized as a paranormal romance , but let me tell you it’s just as brilliant as contemporary, maybe even more. To those who have never read a paranormal romance, have to tell you to open your mind and read this beautiful. I really highly recommend it to everyone. This book is truly a masterpiece and the talent this author is astonishing.


Lucian has been a guardian angel for almost two thousand years and never has a soul, a person he’s protecting affected him so much. he shouldn’t have fallen in love with Evey. He shouldn’t have felt the feelings he has for her. Lucian has been protecting and watching over Evey since the moment she was born. And by the time she grew into the woman she was today, he was in love with her, every part of her. But guardian angels shouldn’t, couldn’t fall in love with the person they are watching over, but he couldn’t stop himself. He was in love with her and he would do anything to be with Evey, even if it means breaking God’s rules, by revealing himself to Evey and telling her that he’s her guardian angel. He never expected that in short time Evey would feel the same about him. He was surprised and he fell more and more in love with her, until he realized that he couldn’t live without her anymore. he no longer believed in the rules God has set, because to him Evey meant more than anything. Let me tell you I loved Lucian so much, he was perfect and wonderful. I loved the way he shows his love for Evey, the way he describes his feelings for Evey, I loved every little part of him. Renee did an amazing job with Lucian, and he’s part of the story.


Evey has had her fair share of bad luck and bad love, and she’s ready to put all of that behind her. For a few years now, she has been living in San Francisco with her roommate Brooklyn, trying to make it in fashion industries. After one disastrous date after another, she decided to take a pause from dating, until she meets a handsome drunk man, who claims to be her guardian angel. Immediately she thinks that he has lost his mind, and that she was stupid to invite a crazy person into her apartment, but when he disappears and appears with a second, she can’t help but believe him. But after some time Lucian decided that is better to erase her memory and leave her alone, even if it kills him to be away from Evey, but it all backfires when Evey starts remember her guardian angel, the man she kinda fell in love with. So when he appears infront she begs him to never leave her again, and slowly she falls more and more in love with her guardian angel.


But as the time passes and their love grows, the problems become to much to avoid, and the more it affects their love. Will they be able to fight for each other, or will they lose each other too soon?

I don’t have many words to describe how much I liked, loved this book. It was so unique and original, and really worth of reading and enjoying.


439936488_hrRenée Carlino is a screenwriter and bestselling author of contemporary women’s novels and new adult fiction. Her books have been featured in national publications, including USA TODAY, Huffington Post, Latina magazine, and Publisher’s Weekly.

She lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and their sweet dog June. When she’s not at the beach with her boys or working on her next project, she likes to spend her time reading, going to concerts, and eating dark chocolate. Learn more at

WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Instagram | PinterestAmazon

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REVIEW | Collared by Nicole Williams


Title: Collared
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark
Release Date: March 22nd 2016

When a seventeen-year-old girl vanishes,
A community is shaken.
Parents turn desperate.
Friends hold vigils.
And the boy who loves her searches.

When a year goes by,
The community is recovering.
Parents feel hopeless.
Friends feel helpless.
And the boy who loves her continues his search.

When ten years go by,
The community has forgotten.
Parents cling to the past.
Friends move toward the future.
And the boy who loves her . . .
Brings her home.

Jade Childs spent ten years in captivity, but now that she’s back, the real battle for survival begins. The media shadows her. Flashbacks haunt her. Her old life evades her. Her so-called new life rejects her. She spent too many years in the dark to recognize the light. She spent too long repressing her feelings to remember how to express them. She spent a decade abandoning hope and cannot dare letting it back into her life. Jade’s not just defined by what happened to her—she’s collared to it.

When the twenty-seven-year-old woman is found,
A community wants to know the story,
Parents want to forget the story,
Friends want to be a part of the story,
And the man who still loves her faces the greatest challenge yet:
letting her go.


My Review
5 Stars!!

This book destroyed me. Everything was beautiful in the beginning, and then BAM! everything good down the fucking drain. I cried in 3AM while read Collared, cried so much that I woke up my sister. I thank God, that I went and requsted this book, because it was best thing I have ever done. This book is everything, heartbreak, love, lost, survival, and most of all hope that everything will turn out right.

This book show the real side of the world. It shows that there are evil people who are ready for anything. Today we see more and more children who have been found after so many years in captivity, but there are many who aren’t found, who still lost and maybe dead. As much as I don’t want to think about it, it’s there in the back of my mind. This book might not be a real story, but many people, who survived kidnapping and captivity, can relate to this story. Because this story dives so deep into the heart, and just squeezes your heart until it pops, until you can’t do anything but cry, sob and scream. I was afraid. I was scared. Those two words are the same, but those two words hold so much meaning. Someone should have warned me when I started reading this book, someone should have said something, someone should have pulled me away from this book the moment I started reading it. Because damn it hurt so much, to watch Jade go through her captivity, even though it was in flashbacks, watch her get slowly brainwashed like a poor animal in the zoo. Trying to escape from the chains that hold you and the man gloats on your weaknesses.

The baby elephant stops fighting. It learns it can’t break the chain no matter how hard it fights, so it just…It gives up trying to escape.

“Elephants don’t need to coexist with us. They don’t ask to be around us. They don’t want to. The reason they coexist with humans is because we’ve taken them from their homes and forced them into a life they’d never choose. They’re here because someone took them from their lives in Africa or Asia or they took their parents and grandparents, because some asshole decided they wanted an elephant, and why the hell not?”

Jade found herself in a elephant, while she watched the little elephant chained, she saw herself chained, she once was an elephant, chained learning to be helpless and alone. She saw herself in the elephant because the elephant was slowly being brainwashed and taught to believe that there is no way out and giving up.

“You can’t just take something because you want it. YOU CAN’T JUST FUCK WITH ITS FREEDOM THEN CHAIN IT UP AND FUCK WITH ITS HEAD TOO.”

YOU CAN’T JUST FUCK WITH ITS FREEDOM THEN CHAIN IT UP AND FUCK WITH ITS HEAD TOO. This is the sentence that stuck to me throughout the book. Because there are people who are capable doing just that. They can take away you freedom, and they can slowly take away everything you hold dear, your memories, your love, and most of all your hope. This story isn’t about love, it’s about survival. It was about moving on, and trying to live with it.

I won’t go into details, but I will tell you few thing. Jade was a normal 17-year old teenager, who had a boyfriend named Torrin, she loved him, but she lost him the day her whole life crumbled. She lost her family, her friends and she lost the person she loved the most. She was kidnapped, driven away from everyone she loved, thrust into a world she never asked for. And then she returns, but now, nothing is the same as it was before she was stolen. Everything has changed. Ten years have passed, and Jade is trying to get hold of her life. She realizes that the only person that really care about her was Torrin, who searched for her and never lost hope someday Jade will turn up.

You brought me back…when everyone else just kind of left me behind.






4887264I’m a wife, a mom, a writer. I started writing because I loved it and I’m still writing because I love it. I write romance because I still believe in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings.

Nicole loves hearing from her readers. You can connect with her on:

Facebook: Author Nicole Williams
Instagram: author_nicole_williams
Twitter: nwilliamsbooks

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REVIEW | Saving Steele by Anne Jolin


Title: Saving Steele
Author: Anne Jolin
Series: Rock Falls Series #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 10th 2016

Kennedy Cross had her heart broken early in life. It wasn’t someone or something who betrayed her—it was her own body. Despite it being all she’s ever wanted, Kennedy will never know what it feels like to feel her baby’s feet kick from the inside out. Having been pronounced infertile at only eighteen, she redirected her life the best way she could.

Eight years and a degree later, Kennedy is one of the most well-loved first-grade teachers at Rock Falls Elementary School. It doesn’t matter that her college boyfriend left her because he wanted children of his own. She has twenty-two of the most gorgeous six-year-olds who adore her and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jackson Steele deals only in extremes. He falls victim to manic episodes lasting for days, sometimes weeks at a time, sending him reeling from volatile highs to devastating lows. It’s a living hell just being inside his own mind, and that hell has taken everything he’s ever loved away from him. But what if, this time, it gives him something? An untimely gift from God and a brunette with legs eight miles long will bring him the most unforeseen joy but also his most challenging of tests.

What happens when circumstances of life threaten the one thing both Jackson and Kennedy love? Saving Steele from himself may prove to be too much for Cross to bear.



So here’s my short review for this amazing book. I am so freaking late, and I know that Anne will be so angry with me. I’m so sorry Anne, still thank you for giving me this book in advance. I kinda hope that you think of my teasers as a review in some way.

I will start by saying that this book is the first book I read from Anne Jolin. This book is the fifth book in the Rock Falls series, I haven’t read the first four books if you are wondering, but I will soon. I really loved this book, there aren’t many words to describe how I felt while reading this book, but I can tell you that nothing made me so sad and so happy than this book. It had everything I liked. An insecure heroine, sacred hero, and a long lost child nobody knew about. One thing I love the most in this book is Ryker. People who read this book will know who Ryker is. Let me tell you that child is super cute.

I must say the chemistry between Jackson and his son and also with Kennedy had my heart pounding fast. It was so freaking beautiful and heartwarming. What I didn’t know about this book when I started is that Jackson suffers from bi-polar disorder and it has in one way or another affected every relationship he has been in and makes the idea that what his friends have, a true and lasting love, seem impossible for him. Kennedy, elementary school teacher, had her heart broken. So she focused on keeping her life order, she over organize it to the point of having a post it obsession. Both have many things to overcome. What changes Jackson’s outlook on his future is a surprise arrival of his son. The son he didn’t know anything about. And when Jackson and Kennedy thrust together it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly and they soon realized that together they can over come every obstacle that is in their way.

A real man doesn’t treat his woman like a subpar human being. He doesn’t break her down and leaves her starved for affection. A real man knows you treat your woman better than a queen – you treat her like a God. You worship the ground she walks on and pray at her altar. I want my woman on her knees with the power to ruin me and the knowledge that I’ll never ruin her. 

The story takes you on an emotional ride and leaves you aching for the characters. There are some parts in the book that will make cry your goddamn eyes out. Kennedy, Jackson and Ryker, wen through so much in this book. I cried for Jackson when he went totally black, I cried when Jackson couldn’t handle the loss of his son since his mother took him away.

If ever there is a day when all the walls come down and the monsters crawl out of the dark, remember I will always come for you. I will always love. I will always fight for you. 

I totally loved the story. And I highly recommend this book to everyone, to read and to enjoy, because you will never find a book that will make you as happy as this one did.





8388273Hey y’all..

I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns, and driving in trucks.

I never expected to be an author. A massage therapist? Yes. Take over the family construction company? Yes. But an author? No. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion.

Since I’ve always been a creative person, it feels amazing to harness all of that energy and use it to tell a story I love. I enjoy incorporating bits of my real life into the stories I write. What parts are true? Hah. I’ll never tell—what would be the fun in that?

If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

Mad love,
Anne Jolin

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REVIEW | Lost Angel by N. K. Love


Title: Lost Angel
Author: N. K. Love
Series: The List Series #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Release Date: February 14th 2016

The series begins as Beth’s marriage to her high school sweetheart ends. When they said ‘until death do us part’, she didn’t know that in her case it was the slow death of her sex life that’d part them—well, that’s if it was every really alive to start with. Their marriage was convenient and rose tinted. It was easy and lazy. But that chapter of her life is over and it’s time for the next chapter to begin.

Now she’s on a road with no name and feeling pretty lost. She’s no idea how to find her feet on this new journey but that’s what best friends are for. Willow makes Beth see that she needs to loosen up and stop trying to micromanage her life. She needs to let go by ditching the compass and tearing up the map.

During a night of girly giggles, fuelled by vodka, Willow announces an idea to write a bucket list of things Beth should do before she starts taking life too seriously again. So when opportunities arise, instead of overthinking and sitting on the fence, Beth agrees to a new ‘Fk It’ mantra. It’s not her bucket list—it’s her ‘Fk It List’. Featuring an array of sexual adventure from tepid to scorching hot.

After crossing paths with Jaxson Carter, her life will never be the same again. He’s complicated, dark, mysterious and the complete opposite to anything that she’s used to. Maybe that’s exactly what she needs in her life. He’s handsome, successful, a beast with a gladiatorial presence and absolute sex on legs. Their connection is cripplingly powerful, maybe too powerful because Beth feels utterly incapable around him. Her sexual inexperience tears chunks out of her self-confidence.

Beth has suffered sexual deprivation for far too long. It’s time to let her inner Miss Alter Ego out to play! Instead of planning for the future she’ll start living for the moment.

Join Beth on the first steps of her journey as she puts herself out of her comfort-zone and finds her way to being single, enjoying life like she never has before. Get ready for pampering, parties, sex and lots of fun and giggles along the way.

This road of discovery and exploration will take Beth through the entire series as she tackles her filthy ‘F**k It List’.


4,9 STARS!!!

I have received the ARC version from the author personally, after I made some teasers for her debut novel. So what can I say about this book. There are many things, like for example GOD FUCKING DAMN. This book is super hot, filled with dirty, dirty words, that got my head spinning round and round. And like a cherry on the top of every delicious cake, this book is about an interracial couple, which I totally love. I read so many interracial novels, and this one goes in the list top 10 best interracial novels, with place 5. Which is totally amazing, I thing. Just so you know this is only the first book in The List Series, there will be more.. Lost Angel, Dirty Angel, Fallen Angel and Always Angel.

In this story we have a recently divorced Bethany who is in a search of forfillment, because she realized that she was missing something in her marriage, mostly she missed her husband paying attention to her, and her sexual needs. So they decided to go their separate ways. Bethany went to live with whorish {sorry!} lesbian friend, and her husband stayed at their shared home. So now she needs to find out what she missed in her failed marriage. She and her friend made a list about all the sexual things Beth needs to experience. That list is very long, but she written off few things in a couple of days. What she never expect is that she will meet the man that will drive her crazy with lust, and make her body tremble everytime he’s around her. So what does she do? She tells him off. But he ain’t giving up so easy.

When Jaxson sees Beth for the first time, all he can think about is her luscious curves, her pouty lips and getting between her legs. But when she tells him off, he decides that he should, but he can’t because everytime he sees her, his dick gets so hard, that he can’t think straight. So he gives in to the temptation.

At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, because there wasn’t much dialogue between Jaxson and Bethany..{which I hope author will change in the next book}. But when I got to the end I was like yeah this rocks can’t wait for the next book. So hurry up N. K. ❤

The List:

Fuck It List

1. Blowjob
2. Handjob
3. Cunnilingus
4. Sex in a workplace
5. Sex in a car
6. Sex in the shower
7. Multiple orgasm
8. Get a tattoo
9. Get a piercing
10. Sex on the beach
11. Phone sex
12. Cybersex / Sexting
13. Tantric sex
14. Get stoned
15. Use food / ice sexually
16. 69
17. Kiss a girl
18. Tie somebody up
19. Be tied up
20. Watch a porno alone
21. Watch a porno with a partner
22. Do a lap dance
23. Do a strip tease
24. Sexual role-play
25. Make a sex tape
26. Sex outdoors
27. Go to strip show / live sex show
28. Be spanked
29. Hit somebody
30. Kinky sex





12631328_214174605596971_7887802961061156728_nN K Love is a sucker for a beautiful romance, especially when it comes with a bucketful of face fanning. Her partner doesn’t share her obsession and there’s always eye rolling whenever she gets giddy or teary over a great scene in a book or on screen. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably being a child with her children or being a loner with her coin collection. Yes, I said coin collection, don’t laugh!

Follow N K Love on Instagram @novelkindoflove for tempting teasers and daily interaction. I’d really love to hear from you, so drop me a message on there or over on my Facebook page – Novel Kind of Love.

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REVIEW | The Lost Slipper by Alexa Riley


Title: The Lost Slipper
Author: Alexa Riley
Series: Fairytale Shifters #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Release Date: January 1st 2016

When the alpha falls… He falls hardest of all.

The first time Stone saw Winnie, she was alone in the woods with no memory of where she came from.

With one look, he knew something was different. When she finally came of age and her mating heat kicked in, he realized that she had always been the one.

Sent to live with a strange family, Winnie was forced to deal with the hateful treatment of her stepmother and stepsisters.

Mating the alpha changed that.

But when her past comes back to find her, will the heat last after the clock strikes midnight?

Warning: This shifter fairy tale is meant to be enjoyed by only those who love this kind of adorable stuff. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then come on in!


5 STARS!!!


I have read many shifter books, but the Fairytale shifter series is unlike anything I’ve ever read and each book more and more passionate the the last one.

Here we have second favorite, first is of course Beauty Sleeps and then this one The Lost Slipper.

The lost Slipper is the 3rd book in the Fairytale Shifter series that is focused on the alpha of the pack, Stone and his mate Winnie.

When Winnie was just a cub {she’s a bear shifter}, she was lost in the woods, not remembering anything from her past, just her name. All her memories begin the day she met Stone. bear shifter are rare and it was supposed to be easy to find her family, but they never showed up. And she was left to be raised by family, that Stone has chosen for her. And the family that toke her did their best to make sure she knew how unloved and unwanted she was, especially her step-mother and stepsisters. In her time of loneliness the only thing that keeps her comfort is Stone, even if at distant and cold. He’s her house, even though he did not want her around him. Stone could barely give Winnie the time of day in public. But what Winnie does not know is that Stone watches her every move, he wants her and wants to protect her, but fears his responsibilities with the pack.

Everything changes the day she turns 18. The mating heat reaches Stone and he can no longer control his desires, he needs Winnie and he needs now. One night while Winnie is visiting with Gwen, Xavier, Ruby, and Dominic, without warning Stone barges in and is driven to claim Winnie as his mate. She does not feel anything special for him and since she has been hurt by his ‘rejection’ for years, she pushes him away. He doesn’t care what people would or are going to say. This is his mate and is going to show everyone, her included, how much he loves her.

She can’t forget that Stone left her to live with another family when she pleaded for him to stay with her. Stone has to prove his love, prove that she is and has always been the priority in his life.Winnie always wanted Stone, but when it finally happens, she decides that, for once in her life, she wants to be wanted not because nature forced him or because someone ordered … She wanted to be chosen over everything else. She wants him to choose her. She wanted to be his first choice. She wanted for him to love her, for her not because nature forced him. My heart went out for Winnie and for Stone. This story brought out a lot of emotions and I couldn’t get enough of these two.

So Stone sets out to prove to Winnie that he loves her and that it has always been her since the first day he brought her home after they found her. He’s so sweet in this story while still being his dominant alpha self.

I loved this story so much. So freaking much. Stone is adorable! He’s feared as the Alpha but he can bring himself on his knees for his mate. You can say he’s adorable, from all the guys in Fairytale shifter story, Stone, for me was the sweetest. Even though he was all growly beast in the bed, there was something sweet sbout him, that made me love him. I loved Winnie the most because she was so different, not because she was a bear shifter, but because she didn’t accept him very easily. She wants him to love her the way she loved him for years. She was my favorite. Alexa brought many emotions in this book, like in the Beauty Sleeps. And I loved it very much.

Winnie had it better then Cinderella, as she says “Cinderella wishes she had it this good.” because she certainly really had it with her possessive and sexy wolf, Stone.

I highly recommended to anyone who loves a great shifter romance with a fairytale twist.





8296969Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

Feel free to follow us each on twitter @smut_sasshole & @SassNSmut

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A small amount of books have been read this week. Do you want to know why? Because I have received so many ARC, that I have devoted all my time to. All of them have been so amazing, and in their way they were brilliant, so here’s the list of book I have read in January 2016.

thief-cover1. Thief by Alexa Riley
Release Date: January 5th 2016
Version: ARC Review {Review posted December 27th 2015, but I am counting it in January, because it was released in January}

Sean Sparrow has one more job to pull: break into the bank, steal what he was hired to take, and get out. He plans everything to the very last detail, sure of success… until he sees Tessa.

Tessa Martin lives a humdrum life. With a boring job and a crappy roommate, she’s sure there must be more to life than this. She’s not prepared for the muscle-bound bearded man who walks into her life, offering her everything she’s ever wanted.

When Sean breaks down all of Tessa’s walls, she has no choice but to fall hard and fast. But when the truth comes out, and Sean is fully revealed to her, will their instalove be enough to hold them together?

Warning: This book hero is over- the-top obsessed, totally head over heels in love, and desperate to make babies with the heroine ASAP. If you want a fun read with SUPER hot steam, Kindle-melting love, and a beard to rub between thighs, then this book is for you.


284313862. The Lost Slipper by Alexa Riley
Release Date: January 1st 2016

When the alpha falls… He falls hardest of all.

The first time Stone saw Winnie, she was alone in the woods with no memory of where she came from.

With one look, he knew something was different. When she finally came of age and her mating heat kicked in, he realized that she had always been the one.

Sent to live with a strange family, Winnie was forced to deal with the hateful treatment of her stepmother and stepsisters.

Mating the alpha changed that.

But when her past comes back to find her, will the heat last after the clock strikes midnight?

Warning: This shifter fairy tale is meant to be enjoyed by only those who love this kind of adorable stuff. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then come on in!


91P0tSqmq7L3. Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster
Release Date: January 18th 2016
Version: ARC Review

Her time is over.
Things are looking up.

She’s dirty and ugly.
He’s wicked but handsome.

Six months to toy with her.
Six months of vacation and a ton of money.

I’ll hurt her beyond repair.
I’ve been through much worse.

She’s difficult to control and doesn’t obey.
I’m done submitting to anyone or anything in this life.

I should hate her.
I should hate him.

The game has changed.
I will win.


41vdZPb1VNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_4. 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton
Release Date: February 2nd 2016
Version: ARC Review

School psychologists aren’t supposed to write books about sex. Doing so would be considered “unethical” and “a fireable offense.” Lucky for you, ethics was never my strong suit.

After spending years trying to spice up my sex life, I gave up and took to my journal. Perhaps my gorgeous, cold, number crunching husband simply wasn’t capable of the kind of passion I’d come to expect. After all, my ex-boyfriends—a skinhead turned US Marine turned motorcycle club outlaw, a baby-faced punk rocker out on parole, and a heavy-metal bass player—were every bit as tattooed and testosterone-fueled as the leading men in my favorite romance novels. If I couldn’t have that kind of passion again in real life, at least I could write about it. Right? Nobody had to know. It would be my little secret.

Well, guess what? My husband read that shit.

And guess what else? He upped his fucking game.

Drunk with power and under the dubious advisement of my best friend and colleague, I began testing the limits—crafting journal entries specifically designed to manipulate Ken’s behavior. For the most part, he responded beautifully…except when he didn’t.

Told through actual journal entries, steamy short stories, personal emails, a few haikus, and at least one dirty limerick, 44 Chapters About 4 Men chronicles the year I spent toying with my husband’s mind and ignoring all ethical standards of psychology. I decided to publish it in the hopes that someone out there might benefit from my discovery—or at least laugh at it—but in doing so I’m risking more than just my career. If word of this book gets back to Ken, I could lose the very man I’ve worked so hard to perfect.



unnamed-383x6005. Saving Steele by Anne Jolin
Release Date: February 9th 2016
Version: ARC Review {Review to come.}

Kennedy Cross had her heart broken early in life. It wasn’t someone or something who betrayed her—it was her own body. Despite it being all she’s ever wanted, Kennedy will never know what it feels like to feel her baby’s feet kick from the inside out. Having been pronounced infertile at only eighteen, she redirected her life the best way she could.

Eight years and a degree later, Kennedy is one of the most well-loved first-grade teachers at Rock Falls Elementary School. It doesn’t matter that her college boyfriend left her because he wanted children of his own. She has twenty-two of the most gorgeous six-year-olds who adore her and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jackson Steele deals only in extremes. He falls victim to manic episodes lasting for days, sometimes weeks at a time, sending him reeling from volatile highs to devastating lows. It’s a living hell just being inside his own mind, and that hell has taken everything he’s ever loved away from him. But what if, this time, it gives him something? An untimely gift from God and a brunette with legs eight miles long will bring him the most unforeseen joy but also his most challenging of tests.

What happens when circumstances of life threaten the one thing both Jackson and Kennedy love? Saving Steele from himself may prove to be too much for Cross to bear.


PS_FrontCover6. PS…You’re Mine by Alexa Riley
Release Date: February 1st 2016
Version: ARC Review

Katie Lovely signs up her class for a project, writing letters to Marines serving overseas, but a calculation error means she has to participate along with the class.

She isn’t prepared for what happens after she gets the first letter.

Sergeant Major Mark Gunner is serving his last tour and looking forward to getting out of the Marines. When he gets a letter that captures his heart, everything suddenly changes.

Their worlds connect and letters flow, creating a love unlike any other.

But when their time is up and the letters stop, will his claim remain?

Warning: This is a super quick, sweet, and dirty read with a small Valentine twist. *whispers* Don’t worry, it’s a happily ever after!




5 STARS READ · A Memoir · ARCs · Blurb · Book Reviews · Review · Romance · Synopsis

REVIEW | 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton


Title: 44 Chapters About 4 Men
Author: BB Easton
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Release Date: February 2nd 2016

School psychologists aren’t supposed to write books about sex. Doing so would be considered “unethical” and “a fireable offense.” Lucky for you, ethics was never my strong suit.

After spending years trying to spice up my sex life, I gave up and took to my journal. Perhaps my gorgeous, cold, number crunching husband simply wasn’t capable of the kind of passion I’d come to expect. After all, my ex-boyfriends—a skinhead turned US Marine turned motorcycle club outlaw, a baby-faced punk rocker out on parole, and a heavy-metal bass player—were every bit as tattooed and testosterone-fueled as the leading men in my favorite romance novels. If I couldn’t have that kind of passion again in real life, I could at least write about it. Right? Nobody had to know. It would be my little secret.

Well, guess what? My husband read that shit.

And guess what else? He upped his fucking game.

Drunk with power and under the dubious advisement of my best friend and colleague, I began testing the limits—crafting journal entries specifically designed to manipulate Ken’s behavior. For the most part, he responded beautifully…except when he didn’t.


5 STARS!!!

Even before receiving the ARC, I knew that this book will be something amazing. it turned out be pretty fucking amazing. So this review goes to my girl BB, my spirit animal

First I have to start by saying that I loved this book so freaking. From the beginning til the fucking end. It doesn’t deserve only 5 stars, it deserves million stars. This book is utterly amazing. Me and BB are totally different persons. But while reading this I wanted to be like her, confident, free in my own body. While reading I felt that freedom, confidence, I felt like I could do anything after reading 44 Chapters About 4 Men. I admire BB very much, because no woman would ever have the guts to do what she did. She published a memoir about her journey, but don’t fool yourself and think that this is like all other memoirs you have read, this one is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. DIFFERENT AMAZING. BB gave another meaning to memoirs.

This book is unlike anything I have read before. This book goes on top of my list, like the BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. The most hysterical book I have ever read, BB is one the smartest woman I have ever met. She single-handedly fooled her husband into becoming more a husboner then a husbot {description below}. She wrote about all the sexy wild ex-boyfriends and left it for her husband to read it in the SUPER PRIVATE JOURNAL THAT KEN IS NEVER, NEVER ALLOWED TO READ EVER, reversel theory, you get it right. And it worked pretty well for her.

I not only fall in love with every single male character in the book, I also fall in love with BB! She is a strong and amazing person, who you wish was your bestfriend while you were in high school. I gave a lot of thought on what I should write, I wanted to make this a long review, telling how much I loved this book and how much it inspired me, but really when I think about this book a few words stand out. AMAZING, BRILLIANT AND PASSIONATE. 

I really loved it, what an amazing journey,  a real masterpiece and I am proud and honoured that I had a chance to be a part of this journey with BB. I wished you BB all the best and I hope you continue to write, because this book has launched you in a best possible way. You will be a HUGE writer by the end of 2016.

As for your husband, the only thing I can tell him, is that he really needs to start learning his Christian Grey lines, because he has a devil on his hands, and he needs to learn to tame it. ❤
#TeamKEN & #TeamBB


HUSBONER (noun)—a married man who should be sick and tired of his wife’s stretched out, floppy old vagina but instead behaves like an insatiable sex machine who just snorted an eight ball of coke.

HUSBOT (noun)—a married man who behaves more like a robot than a human being. This cyborg is typically obedient, task-oriented, introverted, rigid in his adherence to rules and routines, sexually inhibited and averse to fun.

BADASSERY (noun)—the behavior of the one who is a badass – intimidating, rebellious, defiant.

EMORECTION (noun)—a penis that has become erect due to an emotional rather than a physical or visual stimulus.

FANFUCKINGTASTIC (adj.)—the way the words fucking fantastic sound when uttered by someone who’s had an over-poured glass of pinot grigio.

STALKERY (adj.)—of or pertaining to someone who regularly harasses, follows, monitors, and attempts to contact another person—especially a former lover or celebrity—in an aggressive, threatening manner.




more teasers will be added tomorrow on the release date.



14787783I believe that in order to tell you who I am, I must first tell you who I want to be.

And what I really want to be is the steaming, twitching pile of flesh and teeth that would result if science ever made it genetically possible for Jenny Lawson and Kelly Ripa to have a baby—with a generous sprinkling of Megan Fox on top.

That’s the dream, at least.

The reality is that I’m a school psychologist (or I was before they fired me for gross moral turpitude. If you’re reading this, it has probably already happened.), and I live in the soul-stifling southeastern suburbs with my husband and our two darling little cherubs (or I did before he divorced me and/or had me committed).

Though my punk-rock days might be behind me, I still dye my hair pink on the first day of summer break every year and pray that it washes out by August. It doesn’t completely scratch my rebellious itch, but those judgmental stares in the grocery store do feel pretty damn good.

I also want to be the type of person who stays up until two a.m., writing smutty romance novels, but instead, I stay up until three a.m., writing about my own deviant sexual history because I have no imagination.

After one tiny REM cycle, I’m bitch-slapped back into consciousness by the sound of my alarm and rush off to work with my hair still wet and a travel mug emblazoned with some inspirational quote about the universe still on the roof of my car, my lunch still tucked away in the refrigerator where my long-suffering husband placed it the night before, and the belt of my coat vigorously slapping the pavement as I speed away. I’m what doctors like to call chronically sleep-deprived—or as Ken pronounces it, “depraved.”

To be honest, I don’t even remember writing this book.

No, seriously.

If that sounds like the kind of person you want to go around being friends with, then by all means, feel free to drop me a line. Just don’t be surprised if you get a reply at two a.m. with an inexplicable Shia LaBeouf meme and then another message at 7:05 a.m. that was meant for my husband, asking if he would please put my lunch bag in the mailbox so that I could swing back by and grab it without having to get out of my car.

You can find me…


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BOOKS 2016 | Sinful Love by Lauren Blakely

12489329_622174757925222_7009846675497401923_oSINFUL LOVE by Lauren Blakely
Release Date: March 28th 2016

Intense. Devoted. Protective.

Michael Sloan is all of the above, with a hard tough edge to boot. He’s not the guy he used to be. Years ago, before all the s&%t went down, he was laidback, carefree, and even happy-go-lucky.

Life changed him. Hardened him.

There’s one woman though who can break down his walls. Someone who knew him then. Who can reach inside to that heart he protects fiercely…because she’s the only one he ever gave it to. When they collide, it’s tender and savage, gentle and rough, and makes them both hungry for more of this electric, once-in-a-blue moon kind of sexual chemistry. But it’s a battle of wills between Michael and the woman he loves, with words and emotions held close to the vest.

She doesn’t believe she can ever move on from her own heartbreak, but when Michael makes her feel for the first time in years, it’s both thrilling and scares the hell out of her, setting off all her flight instincts. He’s determined not to lose her again, but he’ll have to learn to let her in if he ever wants to fully heal from the past…

The problem is, she knows something about the night his family shattered. She has the missing puzzle piece…but neither one of them realizes it.


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6860216Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and she has had nine books on the New York Times Bestseller list and eighteen on the USA Today Bestseller list. She is also a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Like the heroine in her novel, FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves hearing from readers!

Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire. She recently released BIG ROCK, a sexy standalone romantic comedy that became an instant New York Times Bestseller. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, text BLAKELY + your email address to 678-249-3375 (please use the actual + sign)

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BOOKS 2016 | Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield


10258878_1671036739845346_4870736151665749288_oUNTIL WE COLLIDE by Charlotte Fallowfield
Release Date: February 21st 2016

A Romantic Comedy Novel.

What do you do when the guy you’re in love with is seeing someone else?

That’s the dilemma facing Paige Taylor. All of her life she’s only ever had eyes for the gorgeous Alec Wright, but despite their undeniable chemistry, their timing has always been off. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, Paige despairs of ever finding love and a happy ever after. Her best friend Poppie tells her that she can either watch life pass her by, or grab it with both hands. She convinces Paige to throw herself back into the dating pool, or she could be waiting for Alec forever.

What Paige didn’t expect was the catalogue of dating disasters to follow. A neck brace, jelly fish, stitches, flashing and an encounter with a gorilla were some of the most memorable. Despite some downright hilarious, humiliating and cringe worthy dates, her biological clock is ticking and Paige is determined to keep trying until she finds the one. Was Alec Wright always her Mr. Right, or is he still out there waiting to be found?

Join Paige in her quest to find the ultimate prize. Love.





10455568_1651435598472127_4736852526306108372_nCharlotte Fallowfield writes contemporary romantic comedy novels, but her alter-ego, C.J. Fallowfield, is an Amazon #1 bestselling author who writes contemporary humorous erotic romance novels.

Charlotte comes from the United Kingdom and is half French. She lives in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Her writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee. Reading was her main pastime, until she discovered the joy of writing, but she still tries to set aside time to indulge her appetite for steamy and funny reads by other authors too. She is yet to meet her Prince Charming, but lives with her extremely pampered fur baby, Pumpkin, kitten of mass destruction.

Find out more about her here:

For C.J. Fallowfield:

Dark Romance · Review

BOOKS 2016 | Dirty {RAW Family #2} by Belle Aurora

B3siACFIQAABe1RDIRTY {RAW Family #2} by Belle Aurora
Release Date: May 23rd 2016

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I was confused.
At least, I remember being confused.

Being called away from school to join my father in the office is not a good thing. The office is where he conducts business. I have been there before but it is no place for a girl like me, or so he says.

The hall somehow looks longer than it ever has before. I walk it not knowing what to expect, clutching my schoolbag to me tightly.

Have I done something wrong? Why did he sound so tense on the phone?
My feet shuffle forward. I swallow hard, looking down at my shoes. My shoelace is undone.

He won’t like that.

I stop where I am to make sure my appearance is near stellar, running my hands through my long, straight black hair and smoothing my hands over the skirt of my private school uniform. I take my time, pulling my white socks up to my knees and being careful not to mark them.

My father didn’t raise a pack of animals. He raised ladies, and in my brothers case, a gentleman.

My siblings and I pride ourselves on being everything my father wished for. The only mob family with grace and humility, I’m sure.

At eighteen, I know my place. My place is to make my father happy. And I do.
At least, I think I do. So far there have been no complaints.

I study hard to maintain an A average, I dress appropriately, never showing too much skin and I watch over my younger sisters with love and care, molding them into the ladies they should be. Even I have to admit, I’m a pretty decent person and I love my family.

There are six of us in total. In order of age, we are: Miguel, who is twenty-four, myself, Veronica, who is sixteen, Carmen, who is fifteen, Patricia, who is thirteen, and Rosa, who is only nine. She was the last of us, born only a year before Mama died. I know Rosa doesn’t remember her. I know it hurts her. She has photos like the rest of us do, but it’s not enough.

My mother’s name was Dorina, affectionately known as Dori to anyone she liked. She met my father when they were both just kids, running around, playing on the street. He threw dirt in her face. Instead of crying like the other girls did, she simply stood and shook the dirt off of her. She walked home that day and told her mama about the silly boy who threw dirt at her. Her mother, my grandmother, laughed joyously and hugged her little girl. She explained, “Oh, gatito, boys are funny in the way they do things. And the worse they treat a girl usually means the more they like them.”

Mama heard this and was set.
She was going to marry that boy.

Fourteen years later, Mama became Mrs. Eduardo Castillo. They lived happily for the length of my mother’s life. She was the only woman in the world who could make my father laugh. He loved her so much that when she died, he mourned. And it scared the crap out of me.

My father is a reasonable man, but something changed during his mourning period. He became colder, more closed off. He started to shut us out.
The only person who can make him see reason is my brother, Miguel.

As I reach the office door, I knock lightly with a shaking hand.

“Come in,” calls a familiar voice.

My brother? My body turns rigid. What is he doing here?

Pushing the door open, I step inside and quietly close the door behind me. I walk to stand in front of the desk my father sits at but look up at my brother who stands behind my father. I haven’t seen him in a year. He looks good. Papa holds a hand at his forehead. He has yet to acknowledge me. I spare a sweet smile for my brother. When he doesn’t return it, my chest aches. Instead, his eyes turn soft and apologetic.

He looks like he’s about to cry.

It’s here I’d like to note that the men in my family don’t cry.

When my father lifts his face, my skin prickles at the look in his eyes. There is something there I haven’t seen before. Something calculating.

I know Papa isn’t a good man, but he is good to us. He’s a family man. He would do anything for us.

He would kill for us.

In fact, I know he has.

I clear my throat and ask gently, “Papa? Is everything okay?”

Surprised at my own ability to hide the quiver in my voice, I stand taller, feigning my calm. My father looks me in the eye. I haven’t noticed till now how much he’s aged since Mama died. The lines in his tanned face have deepened so much that he looks ten years older than his fifty years. The dark skin under his eyes seems as though he mustn’t have slept in months. But the laugh lines around his eyes… they’re gone.

I suppose he doesn’t use them as much as he used to. With my mother gone, he has no one to make him laugh.

“Alejandra,” he motions to the chair opposite his. His rough voice commands, “Sit.”
I don’t want to sit.

I want to run.

Looking to my brother for help. He shakes his head, eyeing the chair. I swallow hard, my heart pounding in time with my steps till I finally seat myself.

Papa sighs then stands. He paces. “I have called you here today to discuss something with you. Something of importance. I’m afraid we need to discuss this quickly. There isn’t much time.”

My brother’s warm brown eyes darken a shade. I see him bite the inside of his cheek. His face turns a deep shade of red and the vein at his temple throbs. It looks as though he’s about to snap.

The sight causes ice-cold fear to coil deep in my belly. Miguel doesn’t lose his temper. He’s a gentleman, patient and controlled.

My heart races. Something is very wrong here.

Not sure what to say, I nod once to let him know I’m listening. He continues. “Grave times we’re in. It’s not enough to be your own people anymore. There’s safety in numbers.” He pauses, planting his palms flat on his desk, leaning toward me. “There is a time in every persons life where sacrifices must be made for the sake of the greater good. Understand?”

I nod. I do understand. I understand that my father spends a lot of time away from home to maintain the good life we have. This is his sacrifice and he makes it without complaint.

I appreciate what he does for us, not that I know for sure what he does. It’s not my business. I’m just a woman.

His lips curve in what I’m sure is an attempt at a smile but it comes off as a grimace. He mutters, “Always a good girl. I’m so lucky to have you.”

My heart beams as warmth spreads through me, melting away some of the frozen fear inside of me, it warms me to my very toes. But my brother’s fists ball so hard that his knuckles turn white. Miguel hisses behind my father, “Tell her.”

Papa’s feeble smile wanes, looking mildly irritated by the interruption. “Yes. Of course.” Moving around the desk, my father sits on the edge of his desk and takes my hand in one of his, patting it gently with the other. As a girl, this was my everything. Looking up into my father’s smiling eyes while he spoke about this and that, it never really mattered what he was talking about, only that his attention was warm and unwavering.

But then he drops a bomb. “You’re going to marry, Dino, son of Vito Gambino.”
He says this without feeling, without reaction, without emotion.

My grip on his hand weakens but he holds it firm, in support? I don’t know. The blood drains from my face. My lips part and my breathing shallows.

My stomach is coiled tighter than a knot. It feels as though my body is attempting to strangle itself.

Licking my dry lips, I utter a quivering and hushed, “Why?”

“The Gambino’s aren’t unlike us. The Italians are family people, but they have some issues amongst themselves. Can’t trust each other. Each family has a different motive. Vito came to me seeking peace. And his offer was welcome. He treated me with respect and spoke to me about where he sees our families in ten years. And his vision,” he squeezes my hand, “is one I share.”

The bridge of my nose aches and my eyes sting. “Papa, I’m only eighteen…”
I’m grasping at straws here. This statement makes no sense even to me. Thankfully, my brother comes to my aid.

Miguel cuts in with, “Raul has been courting Alejandra since they were sixteen, Papa. You gave your blessing. This is…” his anger gets the better of him when he spits, “This is ridiculous. It’s just not… It’s just not done.”

Yes! Oh God, yes!

In the five minutes I’ve been here, I forgot about my boyfriend. He’ll help me. I know he will.

My father stands and spins facing Miguel. In deathly calm, he utters, “You have a better idea? This is an alliance we need, mi hijo. Alejandra understands. Sacrifices must be made. She does this for the family.” He turns to me, eyes full of pride. “It is an honor.”

The first of my tears falls. My throat thick, I whisper, “I don’t want to marry Dino. I want to marry Raul.”

My father turns back to me. “I called Raul in this morning. In promising him Veronica’s hand, he will give you up.”

The words are a slap to my face. Over and over, the pain fills me, crushing me.
Closing my eyes, I don’t even try to be graceful. I lift my hands to cover my face while I sob. “How… c-c-could… he?”

But rather than comfort me, my father just throws salt into the crevice where my heart has been ripped from. “Do not be like that, Alejandra. His father wanted a connection to our family. It’s a privilege.” My father sniffs a laugh. “You didn’t think he loved you, did you?”

Sobs are torn from my throat. My life is falling apart around me.

Miguel appears at my feet, kneeling down but looking up at me. He removes my hands from my face. “If there is a way out of this, I swear to you, Ana, I will find it. I swear it.”

Papa rolls his eyes. “It is marriage. Not murder. We have cause to rejoice, not mourn.”

Right now, I’d prefer murder to marriage.

I can’t seem to breathe properly. Every time I try to suck in a breath, my chest convulses as another sob is wrenched out of me.

My father looks at me in disdain before shaking his head, informing me, “Vito promises me that Dino is a good boy and he’ll treat you well. Like a princess. And you will be a princess in their family. Loved and respected by all, much like you are here. Now stop this nonsense. It’s done.” He sends a warning look to Miguel. “Nothing can be done. A deal has been made. The Castillo’s and the Gambino’s united through marriage.” My father laughs. “We should be celebrating,” he places his fingers under my chin, lifting it to look up at him, “not crying, gatito.” He wipes away my tears, kissing my cheek. “You will accompany me to dinner tonight. We meet with Vito and Dino.”

Immediately, Miguel bites out, “I’m coming too.”

My father looks down at his son. After a short while, he nods. “Yes. You should.”
Knowing Miguel will be there eases the tension in my body.

He won’t let anything happen to me.
He won’t.

Later that afternoon, we meet the Gambino’s at one of their many restaurants.
I haven’t met them before but I know who they are as soon as I see them. Men like my father, they have a certain air about them. Their character demands attention. They’re mesmerizing. Men want to be them and women wish to warm their beds.
I never understood this. They never affected me the way they affected other people.

The older man stands a second before the younger man stands. They both smile over at us. A few feet away from the table, Vito holds out his arms to my father. “Eduardo.”

My father, void of expression, steps into Vito’s arms, they slap at each other’s backs in a comfortable man hug. “Vito. Thank you for having us.”

I peek up at the men. Both dressed in exquisite suits, I can’t help but notice how attractive the younger man is. Even for an older man, Vito is handsome, with smiling eyes and salt and pepper hair. I notice the younger man reach up, pulling at the tie around his neck, loosening it. The small gesture makes me realize that I’m not alone in this situation. Dino is likely as pissed about this arrangement as I am.
This calms me somehow.

Vito steps towards me, ushering his son forward. “This must be Alejandra.” Vito reaches out to take my limp hand, kissing the back of it. He looks down to his son. “Lei è così piccola.”

Dino looks down at me, his hazel eyes dancing. He holds out his hand, waiting patiently for me to place my hand in his, unlike his father who took the liberty on his own. Hesitantly, I place my hand in his and his smile widens, dazzling me. “Please excuse my father, he doesn’t mean to be rude, he was merely saying that you’re so small. Petite.”

I know this. My sisters and I all have my mother’s build and coloring. Standing no taller than 5’1 with thick, straight black hair worn to my waist and warm brown eyes, I realize many would consider me pretty. My mother told me that beauty was a gift and to never use my beauty to get what I want, that I must remain humble.

The closer Dino gets, the harder my stomach flutters.

He really is a beautiful man. Tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, high cheekbones, a strong chin, full lips and smiling hazel eyes. His large hand cocoons mine, his lips descend and as his lips touch the skin of my knuckles, my stomach is sent into an uproar.

As he lets me back, he mutters, “I can see why your father hides you away. The most precious gems are usually kept locked in a safe place.”

I can almost hear Miguel scoff behind me. Holding out his hand, he introduces himself. Eyeing my brother, Dino smiles while shaking his hand. “You love your sister.”

A statement.

Miguel, neither confirming nor denying this fact, pulls his hand away. Dino holds up his hands in a placating gesture. “I get it. I got sisters myself. And two brothers.” Dino looks down at me. “I’d do anything to keep them safe.” Pausing a moment, he steps closer to Miguel and utters quietly, “Your sister will be safe with me.” Side-eying me, he goes on, “Hell, maybe one day she’ll even love me. And when we’re married, you and I will be brothers. Which means you and your sisters will be included as such and will be placed under my protection. I’d give my life to keep you all safe.”

As far as winning Miguel over, I think Dino claims first place in his opening argument.

We sit and as my father and Vito chat away, Miguel – deciding he’s given Dino his blessing – talks business with Dino. I watch how Dino conducts himself and I’m impressed. He’s equal parts serious and witty, throwing Miguel off completely. Catching my brother laughing with Dino is unnerving.

This is really happening.
This is the man I’ll be marrying.
My chest squeezes.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this, not that anyone gives a fuck.

Standing suddenly, Dino turns to our fathers and announces, “Excuse me, gentlemen. I’d like a moment with Alejandra.” He turns to me, his lip curving. “I’ve neglected her far too long this evening.”

Miguel looks over at me and his eyes shout approval. My father smiles up at Dino as Vito nods in agreement. “Of course. But try not to be too long. We still have much to discuss.”

Not given much of a choice, I stand and smooth down my black dress. Taking my hand, Dino places it in the crook of his elbow, leading me away. We walk slowly, comfortable in our silence and I’m surprised to find myself feeling completely safe walking next to this man. Opening the door for me, I step outside. He motions for me to sit at one of the outside tables, I do as I’m told.

I always do as I’m told.

Dino sits and watches me closely. “You haven’t said a word. Not one.”

I shrug. What does he want me to say?

His eyes soften. “I know this isn’t easy. Believe me, I threw a shit fit when my father told me what he wanted me to do.” He scoffs. “I mean, c’mon, I’m only twenty-five. I don’t want to get married,” for some reason my chest pangs, “and for some reason, I don’t think you want to either.”

I find my voice. “I don’t.”

He smiles warmly. “Please, don’t spare my feelings or anything.”

I can’t help it. I dip my chin to hide my smile, but he catches it. “Would you look at that?” He chuckles before sobering. “You’re very pretty, Alejandra. Gorgeous, actually.”

My face heats quickly as my heart beats faster.

Dino reaches over the table, taking my hand. I look up into his eyes. He asks quietly, “Do you think you can give me a chance? I’d like to try.” He pauses a moment. “We have to try.”

He’s right. We have to.

And it could be worse. I mean, he’s attractive and charming and funny, and he seems to like me.

Averting my eyes, I tangle my fingers through his and whisper, “Yes.” I swallow hard. “I- I want to try.”

Dino stands and wraps his arms around me, holding me tight. My sudden surprise is pushed aside as I realize I need the comfort as much as he does. I gently snake my arms around his middle, resting my head against his chest, clutching at him for support, finding comfort in the soft beating of his heart. He kisses the top of my head. “I know this isn’t an ideal situation but I think we can make it work. We know how our families are. We know what they expect of us. I’d like to be your friend.” He pulls back. “I think-” He clears his throat. “I think I could love you. I think we could love each other.”

My throat thickens. I try to speak but all that comes out is a pained grunt. Lowering my face, wetness trails my cheeks.

I’m scared.

I hate myself for crying. But Dino doesn’t.

Lifting my chin, he shushes me, kissing my cheek. “Bella, don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” Before I know what’s happening, his lips cover mine. As quickly as he kisses me, he pulls away, holding me once again. I grip at shirt, crying. He mutters, “Don’t worry, Alejandra. I’ll keep you safe.”

His words calm me.

Like I said… It could be a lot worse.

Fast forward six years…

My stomach presses into the mattress. Fingers dig into my hips, holding me down. I breathe rapidly through my nose, fighting the pain. Biting into the pillow to stop myself from crying out I think back to my grandmothers advice as my husband masturbates on the sofa, smirking at my tear streaked face while watching his brother rape me.

The worse they treat a girl usually means the more they like them.
If that is the case, my husband must really love me.

He must love me to death.



6983012Belle Aurora is twenty six years old and was born in the land down under.
At an early age she fell in love with reading. Boredom one summer had her scouring the bookshelves at home. She stumbled across Sandra Brown’s Breath of Scandal and fell in love with romance.
Having been brought up in a loud and boisterous family of Croatian descent, she developed a natural love for dramatics and humor. Only some years ago had she discovered a new love.
Humorous romance novels.
Kristen Ashley and R.L. Mathewson had opened a brand new world where she could lose herself yet feel safe and at home in their stories. Belle has been known to become a screeching banshee while anxiously awaiting their newest titles.
Belle never thought she would write. It had never interested her until recently. Friend-Zoned began to form and in February this year Belle typed the words Chapter One. And she fell in love.
With words.
With writing.
With a creative imagination she never knew she harbored.
Friend-Zoned is the first in the Friend-Zoned series. Keep an eye out for this cheeky author.

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL | Breaking The Limits by Brooke Cumberland

12507372_942857762456655_6186980974625815382_nBreaking The Limits by Brooke Cumberland
Release Date: February 22nd 2016

◆ This is book 2 in the Pushing the Limits series
◆ Can be read as a standalone!
◆ A forbidden student/teacher romance set in London!
◆ An emotional roller coaster that will have you laughing one moment and crying the next…

►Add it to your TBR! —->
►Pushing the Limits (book 1 – also a standalone) available now on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited! —>
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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
That seems to be my lifelong theme.
With a string of heartaches behind me, I’m no longer falling for their one-liners.

When the opportunity arises to study abroad in London for a semester, I can’t pack my bags fast enough.

Bringing a new outlook with me,
I leave my broken heart and memories of the past behind and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.
One chance meeting leads to the hottest night of my life.
All I know is his name and that’s enough for me.
After all, isn’t that what one-night stands are all about?

But everything changes that first day of class.
The guy that I left without so much as a goodbye the morning after the most mind-blowing s*e*x of my life is standing in front of me—introducing himself as Professor Cox.

Now I must sit in his class and pretend like nothing happened.
But that’s harder than it sounds.
What feels so right can only go wrong if I try breaking the limits of my already-broken heart.











B1A2aOzIBbS._UX250_Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today Bestselling author who’s a stay-at-home mom and writes full-time. She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, 5-year-old wild child, and two teenage stepsons. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading love stories, listening to music that inspires her, and laughing with her family. Brooke is addicted to Starbucks coffee, leggings, and anything sweet. She found her passion for telling stories during winter break one year in grad school–and she hasn’t stopped since.

Connect with Brooke:
➞Twitter @blcumberland
➞Instagram – AuthorBCumberland
➞Mailing List Sign Up:
➞Signed copies:

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REVIEW | Taking What’s Naughty by Alexa Riley


Title: Taking What’s Naughty
Author: Alexa Riley
Series: Forced Submission #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 3rd 2015

Damon, Remy, and Kellan have had their eyes on Leila from the day she started working at their law firm.

Leila’s been playing hard to get, and they’re not having it. It’s the night of the company Christmas party, and they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.

Obsession has taken over, and forcing Leila to accept the three of them is the only way to get what they desire.


5 STARS!!!


Damon, Remy and Kellan have been best friends since high school. All three of them are lawyers and together they lead a law firm. Together, they shared everything. Now that everything they wanted has come true, there is one more dream to fulfill – and that’s to share a woman so they can become one big family. When they meet her, they know that she will be theirs. But Leila plays hard to get.

Tired of waiting for her, one of them put the plan in motion and treated them with an early Christmas present they’d never forget. So one December night during the Christmas party, they decided to take things into their own hands. And a hot night begins. Leila is taken and tied up like a gift by Damon to share with his friends. Once the men see their gift, they are dead set on making Leila their own, but first they must take her virginity. Leila is a virgin but is also a novice to anal and oral, but Damon, Remy and Kellan are determined to be the ones to pop all her cherries all together.

“This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of times three.”

They open up her heart, through the pleasure they give her body, and showing her how absolutely devoted to her they are, so her walls come crumbling down, and she admits she loves them as much as they love her.

“I think I tried to fight, but truth be told, it was a feeble effort. I wanted to be theirs, and I knew getting tied to the bed would make that happen.”

Damon was the one taking most control while Remy was the playful one. I just wish Kellan had stood out more. And Leila? She’s the typical Alexa Riley’s heroine – young, innocent and ready to be fucked. A true AR story, short and burning HOT, a true smut-fest, with amazing heroes. Highly recommended to menage fans.

“A little bit of my charm and I’ll have her all warm and cuddly in our bed by the end of the night.”






I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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REVIEW | Fall Into Place by Alexa Riley

158Title: Fall Into Place
Author: Alexa Riley
Series: Taking The Fall #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 12th 2015

Story 1: Mary & Anthony

Mary has belonged to Anthony since the day she was born. They’ve known each other their whole lives, but he won’t touch her until she says, ‘I Do.’

Their parents’ story should have been a cautionary tale, but when Mary finally agrees to Anthony’s proposal, they run away to Vegas to tie the knot.

But what do they do when things don’t go according to plan and they find themselves caught between a Russian sniper and his runaway daughter?

Easy! Lock themselves in a hotel room and pop some cherries!

Story 2: Samuel & Nika

Samuel’s twin sister, Mary, is off to Vegas to marry his best friend, Anthony. Samuel’s heading to Sin City with them to give her away, but trouble in the form of a sneaky brunette stops him dead in his tracks.

Nika’s on the run, and she’s found herself backed into a corner. But she’s been trained on how to defend herself, especially against a big beast like Samuel.

From the first look, he was finished and had no intention of ever letting her go.

You begged for the story of Mary and Anthony, and here it is! The final chapter in the Taking the Fall series closes with two short stories on the children of Carter, Layla, Saint, and Jeanette.

Warning: These stories are just as fierce, just as strong, and just as steamy as the rest of the series. These novellas can be read as standalones but will be enjoyed even more after reading the Taking the Fall series.


5 STARS!!!

5-you-were-made-for me-stars.

Fall Into Place is a part of a series, but it can be read as a standalone. If you really want to understand the story {for those who have read the past four books of Taking The Fall Series, you will know that those books were about the parents and this book is about the kids} You will have to read the previous books.

Fall Into Place is really two books in one. And we finally get to see what happens to Anthony {Saint & Jeanette’s son} and Samuel & Mary {Carter & Layla ‘Cherry’s twins}. There is no cheating here, there is only love and caring feelings. Told in Dual POV for both stories.

Like I said many times before, I love Alexa Riley’s books. I get everything I am expecting to get, nothing more, nothing less. Alexa remains true to herself and she always creates loyal main character, who are not prone to cheating on their loved ones.

First, here you have the series order:
Taking the Fall: Vol 1
Taking the Fall: Vol 2
Taking the Fall: Vol 3
Taking the Fall: Vol 4
Fall into Place
Taking the Fall Complete Series


The first story is about the son of Saint & Jeanette – Anthony – and the daughter of Carter & Layla ‘Cherry’ – Mary – who have been together as long as they remember. They wanted nothing more than to be together. Anthony and Mary are completely devoted to one another. Anthony and Mary keep their relationship under wraps in fear of her parents’ reaction. And because of their secrecy, Anthony refuses to lose his and Mary’s virginity to each other, unless she accepts to marry him.

“It’s not luck, princess. It’s fate. You were born for me, and I was born for you.”

Mary is getting impatient with Anthony’s patience between the sheets, but Anthony really close to losing control, and he’s getting restless with Mary’s contentment with their secret relationship. So the first story in Fall Into Place, is really about how they get married, tell the parents and have sex for the first time.

“I want to fuck her in every position possible, and then I want to create new ones just for us.”

Very exciting from the start, the scenes didn’t seem too fast though it was. It was an interesting story, It was a page turner. I liked Anthony and Mary’s relationship; how they were born and raised together, and since forever they’ve been in love, as well as truly devoted to one another, which is heart-warming, adorable, swoon-worthy and sweet. It was a very satisfying story, and very worth it.


The second story is about Mary’s twin – Samuel – and the daughter of Viktor {who was mentioned in the previous books in the Taking The Fall Series} – Nika. The moment he sees the WANTED picture of Nika, he’s attracted, captivated and instantly possessive of her. The feelings he has for her are something he never felt before. He doesn’t know why, but he will do everything to find out. He knows that there is something pulling him in her direction.
Samuel has always been single and has never been the type to sleep around, his father told him how he wished he had waited for his wife and been able to share that experience with her, so that’s what Samuel’s waiting on. He was waiting for the right ‘one’.

“I said I’d never done it before. I didn’t say I’ve never watched porn. A lot of porn. And maybe a few instructional YouTube videos.” She blushes and covers her face with her hands. “I don’t want to know.” I hear the shy smile in her words as she tries to close her legs. Pushing them back open, I kiss the top of her pussy, feeling the softness against my lips. “I just wanted to be a good husband.”

So when he tracks Nika down and locks her pretty wrists with handcuffs, it isn’t about the one-million-dollar bounty. It’s because he wants her for himself, to make her in his in ever way. He knows that she is the one for him. He just needs to show her that. NIka feels the same connection between them two. So it won’t be hard for him to win her over {it’s actually very hard for him. pun intended xoxo}

“He pulls me into his arms, taking my mouth in a hard kiss. I bite his lip, but he just moans and holds me tighter…”

The story was just as exciting as the first one, fast paced, exciting and a page turner though I think the first story was just a tad bit longer. Samuel and Nika’s relationship might’ve had a wham-bam-thank-you-maam, but their story was deeply steamy, rough and hard, hot and heavy, but also sweet and sensual. It was budding and blooming relationship between Samuel and Nika—and all that follows their instant connection.

“It’s like she’s sucking the life out of me, and if this is how I die, I’m totally okay to go.”

Overall, Alexa Riley entertains her readers with another virgin insta-love/lust romance. A smutty HEA that will satisfy any readers who needs a quick hot erotic read. This is a book that gave me 100% satisfaction and a bit sadness at the same time because it’s an ultimate conclusion to my all time favorite series Taking The Fall. However , I am looking forward to reading Alexa Riley’s next books. She is one of my most favorite erotic romance authors. She’s not number one in this genre for nothing. Highly recommended to everyone who wants a quick smutty read.

MY ART for Anthony & Mary’s story

MY ART for Samuel & Nika’s story





I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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The 25 Best Books Of 2015

In 2015, I have read so many amazing books, {around 250 books} but only few stood out, only few captured my heart. All of them, are different in their own way, all of them have different stories and different love that will make you swoon and makes you wonder why you don’t have such love in your life.

Some are dark, some are cute, and some are so damn sexy. There are books about friends to lovers, enemies to lovers {again}, shifter romance, mafia/dark romance, celebraty romance, second chance romance, student-teacher romance, criminals falling in love, scarred hero and heroine who is head over heels in love with him, sugar daddy romance, interracial romance, player and nerd love, international romance, forced submission, boss and employee….Yeah i am giving them all new genres, hahaha so imaginative. So here are few of my favorite books of the year:


1. Final Debt by Pepper Winters

23597621“I’m in love with her, but it might not be enough to stop her from becoming the latest victim of the Debt Inheritance. I know who I am now. I know what I must do. We will be together—I just hope it’s on Earth rather than in heaven.”

It all comes down to this.

Love versus life.

Debts versus death.

Who will win?

2. Perfectly Aligned by Stephanie Alba

26053094Ten years.

It had been ten years since Corwin Rogers saw Hailee Samuels at their high school graduation. Hailee, on the other hand, saw Corwin frequently in her dreams. Despite their lack of contact, Corwin’s gorgeous face haunted her mind, and in its idle hours of the night, it always reverted back to the image of the teenage boy she loved in secret years ago.

They’d been classmates during those four years, forging a limited friendship and bond over their struggles. Hailee never told him how she felt, and she wasn’t sure if the feelings were reciprocated either, because while Corwin shared most of himself with her, there was still distance between them. When she runs into him ten years later, the two are given another fateful opportunity to be everything for each other.

Hailee starts to believe that her inexplicable dreams meant something and that her ties to Corwin were stronger than she ever believed, but when secrets are kept and the truth emerges, it challenges their chance at finally being perfectly aligned.

3. Beauty Sleeps by Alexa Riley

81uALXKzyyLXavier has watched Gwen for years, sneaking outside her window just to watch her sleep. She calls to him in a way he doesn’t understand.

After he loses his mom and his sister in a tragic accident, he disappears into the woods and lets his wolf take over.

Gwen has been waiting around for her knight in shining armor to show up, but years have passed since she reached her mating age, and he still hasn’t come.

When Xavier makes his way back to Gray Ridge, one scent captivates him like no other…

He’s on a mission. Claiming Gwen as his mate is all that matters, even if she doesn’t remember him.

What he isn’t prepared for is Alpha Stone keeping them apart.

:Warning: This fairy tale contains a hero in desperate need of his sleeping beauty, a heroine who wants to mate with her beast, and an alpha trying to keep it from happening. This is meant to be over-the-top, extra sweet, and lots of fun. Come roll around in it.

4. Lev: by Belle Aurora

91Upm0sc8tLFrom the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman’s club, he can’t take his eyes off of her.
For the very first time in his life, he is affected. Having been told his entire life that he can’t process or understand emotion, he considers it a big deal.

When Mina Harris gets caught red-handed with a wallet that isn’t hers, she falls apart. She’s tired, lonely and hasn’t eaten in days.

Lev offers her an ultimatum… A nice warm bed, a hot meal and a job, or the cops.

Mina takes her chances with Lev.
After all, a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.

5. Childstar Part One by J. J. McAvoy

12080166_1690542421192653_3391760911480669260_oAmelia London is America’s sweetheart. Noah Sloan is America’s bad boy. Both are former child stars and once were lovers. When they are cast as the leads in the upcoming erotic suspense blockbuster—Sinners Like Us—they are forced to come to terms with the issues that tore them apart to begin with.

As the whole world watches, can they keep their secrets hidden? After all, everybody is a sinner…


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      6. Breaking Him by R. K. Lilley

It was the kind of relationship where I invested more than I had to spare.
I gave it everything.
And so when it failed, I lost myself.
It changed me. He changed me.
I went down with the ship.
My soul, burnt embers in the aftermath.
The fire of him ravaged it all.
He burned me.
Broke me.

Scarlett had always dreamed big. She was headed straight for Hollywood. Destined for silver screen greatness.
But in her wildest dreams she never imagined she’d be broke and single at twenty-eight, doling drinks at thirty-five thousand feet.
She was a glorified waitress in the skies.
It had been years since she’d seen him.
But one day, there he sat, gazing intently at her, ready to set everything ablaze once more.
Dante wanted her. Again.
Sure, she’d play along…but this time, it was his turn.
She was breaking him.
After all, love is war.

7. Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

paper-cover-highI lost her. No, I didn’t lose her. I threw her away. She was my best friend. I was never supposed to fall in love with her. I was careless. She was heartbroken. I thought I was doing fine. But here she is, years later, forced to work with me, reminding me why I fell in love with her in the first place. And this time I’m going to do everything in my power to never let her go.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   8. The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

25564446I was warned about Tristan Cole.

“Stay away from him,” people said.
“He’s cruel.”
“He’s cold.”
“He’s damaged.”

It’s easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster.

But I couldn’t do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me.

We were both empty.
We were both looking for something else. Something more.
We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays.

Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.

9. Pushing The Limits by Brooke Cumberland

28009403From USA Today Bestselling Author comes a new contemporary student/teacher romance standalone…

He’s my art professor.
I’m his student.
With an electric connection and undeniable chemistry, I know it won’t be long until one of us cracks.

When the opportunity arises to pose naked for the entire art class, I can’t help the thrill of knowing he’ll be watching me.
While they all look past me with their eyes narrowed and concentrated, drawing only the lines and angles of my body, he sees right through me down to my vulnerability.
He sees more than just the physical aspects—he sees me.
That’s when I see the struggle in his features as he tries to stay in control.

How do we keep our distance when everything seems to be pulling us together?
What feels so right can only go wrong if we keep pushing the limits.

10. Sweet Obsession by J. Daniels

25709854From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, J. Daniels.

Author’s Note: Sweet Obsession can be read as a standalone novel.

Everyone knows Brooke Wicks loves to have a good time. She’s not interested in getting serious, settling down, or limiting herself to one man. So when she meets the sexy, irresistible Mason King, she sees another opportunity to let loose and go wild. But the gorgeous Aussie isn’t interested in just a quick fling with Brooke, and if she wants to get into his bed, she’s going to have to do it on his terms.

Loving fast and hard has always been Mason’s philosophy. He doesn’t want a meaningless connection, he wants it all, and he wants it with Brooke. When she makes her one desire known—to hit it and quit it—Mason wages a plan to ensure Brooke keeps coming back for more. Or so he hopes.

Getting her attention was the easy part. Keeping it might be damn near impossible.

Sweet Obsession is where the Sweet Addiction series meets theAlabama Summer series.

11. Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome

25596198THE PLAN:

* Smuggle diamonds from Liberia to Morocco
* Make the trip in three days
* Don’t get caught
* Don’t kill each other
* Don’t have sex with each other
* Don’t fall for each other
* Stick to the plan

This is the story of what happens when an unlikely bond is formed between enemies, causing tensions to rise, and igniting a chemistry that threatens to burn them both. Together, they’ll learn that sometimes even the best laid plans can fail.

If this NOVEL were a MOVIE, it would have an R rating from the MPAA. Contains: Violence, Grisly Images, Strong Language, Nudity, and Graphic Sexual Content.

12. Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

21942340What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
But what didn’t happen in Vegas seems to follow them everywhere.

Lola and Oliver like to congratulate themselves on having the good sense to not consummate their drunken Las Vegas wedding. If they’d doubled-down on that mistake, their Just Friends situation might not be half as great as it is now.

… Or so goes the official line.

In reality, Lola’s wanted Oliver since day one—and over time has only fallen harder for his sexy Aussie accent and easygoing ability to take her as she comes. More at home in her studio than in baring herself to people, Lola’s instinctive comfort around Oliver nearly seems too good to be true. So why ruin a good thing?

Even as geek girls fawn over him, Oliver can’t get his mind off what he didn’t do with Lola when he had the chance. He knows what he wants with her now … and it’s far outside the friend zone. When Lola’s graphic novel starts getting national acclaim—and is then fast-tracked for a major motion picture—Oliver steps up to be there for her whenever she needs him. After all, she’s not the kind of girl who likes all that attention, but maybe she’s the kind who’ll eventually like him.

Sometimes seeing what’s right in front of us takes a great leap of faith. And sometimes a dark wild night in Vegas isn’t just the end of a day, but the beginning of a bright new life…

13. Snow And Mistletoe by Alexa Riley

28175159Noelle’s voice has captivated Alex, and she’s become his greatest obsession. Since he hired her to read audiobooks, listening to her is the only thing that makes his lonely world bearable. Thank God she’s never seen him. His scars would only scare her away.

Alex has starred in every fantasy Noelle’s had since she first heard his voice over the phone, and reading erotica samples to him only fuels her desire. Listening to him on the other end of the phone is the best part of her day, and she’s willing to do anything to please him.

On Christmas Eve a storm comes through, sending Noelle in search of her reclusive boss. Once she’s at his cabin with no place to go, there’s only one way to keep warm.

Warning: This is the sweetest, cheesiest, most Christmassy book ever! It’s filled with late-night confessions, dirty deeds, and a lifetime of love. If you love this time of year, I’ve got some cheer for you!

14. Sugar Baby Beautiful by J. J. McAvoy

25797520When twenty-four-year-old Felicity Harper is dragged to a sugar party, an event where wealthy men and women seek “companionship,” she never expects this one simple decision to drastically change her whole life.

Her past is nothing but broken dreams and heartache. Her present is detached and dull. And her future? Well, before meeting Theodore Darcy, the famed film director, writer, producer and CEO of Darcy Entertainment, she would have expected more of the same. Love is just a fantasy and she wants no part of it—even if she can’t deny the undeniable attraction between the two of them.

So their arrangement is simple: sex with no strings attached.
But as their intimacy becomes more powerful, so do Felicity’s demons. Can Theo really shoulder her past and his own? And could Felicity even let him?

15. Hard Love by Meredith Wild

23374189Days after their nuptials, Blake and Erica Landon embark on their honeymoon—a journey that deepens their bonds and promises to fade the scars of their past.

Just when their troubles seem safely behind them, scandal surrounding would-be Governor Daniel Fitzgerald’s election threatens their newfound peace. Back home, Blake finds himself at the center of the controversy, haunted by the transgressions of his hacker past that he has no wish to relive.

With Blake’s freedom at stake and their future in peril, Erica will stop at nothing to clear his name. But when Blake defies the authorities and refuses to seek out the truth, their world gradually begins to crumble. Will he let his past win? Or can Erica convince him that their life together is worth fighting for—now more than ever…

16. Bound By Hatred by Cora Reilly

23760879When Gianna watched her sister Aria getting married to a man she barely knew, she promised herself she wouldn’t let the same thing happen to her.

Matteo – The Blade – Vitiello set his eyes on Gianna the moment he saw her on his brother Luca’s wedding, and Rocco Scuderi is more than willing to give his daughter to him, but Gianna has no intention of marrying for any other reason than love. A few months before the wedding, Gianna escapes her bodyguards and runs away. She has enough money to flee to Europe and begin a new life. But staying undetected when the mob is searching for her is a challenge that takes everything, especially as one of their best hunters and assassins is after her: Matteo Vitiello.

After six months on the run, Gianna finally settles into a tentative routine in Munich, but then Matteo and a couple of her father’s soldiers find her with another man.

Despite her pleads they kill her boyfriend, and Gianna is forced to marry Matteo. Her emotions alternating between guilt over having dragged an innocent into her world and hatred toward Matteo, Gianna is determined to make life hell for her husband. But Matteo is a master at mind games and their struggle for power soon turns into hate-fueled nights of passion.

Book three in the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles. This book can be read as a standalone.

17. Black Rainbow by J. J. McAvoy

25182342A sweet and steamy New Adult Romance from Amazon bestselling author of the Ruthless People series, J.J. McAvoy…

After an erotic one-week fling with a musician she meets in a bar, Thea Cunning never expects to see Levi Black again. Then Monday morning comes around, and she discovers that her former lover is not only her professor, but he’s also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state of Massachusetts.

With everyone in class vying to be one of the twelve disciples—a group of twelve students that Professor Black takes under his wing—tensions run high. Thea considers dropping his class, given their passionate week together and their undeniable chemistry. After all, there are other (less infuriatingly sexy) law professors on campus.

But to accomplish her goal and get her father out of prison, Thea knows she needs to learn under the best of the best—and that’s Levi Black.

But can she learn under the best, without being under the best?

18. #NERD by Cambria Hebert

23286422Two people from completely different worlds are about to be thrown together…

In more ways than one.

She wants to keep her scholarship. He wants to stay on the team. An awkward alliance doesn’t even begin to cover Rimmel and Romeo’s relationship.

But that’s about to change.

It starts with a dare. An initiation. A challenge.

Quickly, it turns into more. But when you’re a victim of your status, there is no room for anything real. The rules are clear and simple.

Stick to your circle.

And never fall in love with anyone on the outside.

19. Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren


New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author Christina Lauren’s Beautiful and Wild Seasons series hook up inBeautiful Secret for an erotic intercontinental romp that celebrates the best of both worlds!

When Ruby Miller’s boss announces he’s sending her on an extended business trip to New York City, she’s shocked. As one of the best and brightest young engineers in London, she knows she’s professionally up to the task. The part that’s throwing her is where she’ll be spending a month up close and personal working alongside—and staying in a hotel with—Niall Stella, her firm’s top urban planning executive and The Hottest Man Alive. Despite her ongoing crush, Ruby is certain Niall barely knows she’s alive…until their flirty overnight flight makes him sit up and take notice.

Not one for letting loose and breaking rules, recently divorced Niall would describe himself as hopeless when it comes to women. But even he knows outgoing California-girl Ruby is a breath of fresh air. Once she makes it her mission to help the sexy Brit loosen his tie, there’s no turning back. Thousands of miles from London, it’s easy for the lovers to play pretend. But when the trip is over, will the relationship they’ve built up fall down?

20. Ruthless People by J. J. McAvoy

21839603To the outside world, they look like American Royalty, giving to charities, feeding the homeless, rebuilding the city. But behind closed doors is a constant battle for dominance between two Bosses, cultures, and hearts.

Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago, following the life and marriage of Melody Nicci Giovanni and Liam Callahan—rivals by blood and leaders through fear. Their marriage was arranged by their fathers in hopes to end years of bloodshed between the Irish and the Italians.

Liam, next in line to lead the Irish, believes he’s getting a simple-minded wife, one he can control, one who bends to his every need . . . the complete opposite of Melody. Bred to be a Boss, a world-class marksman, master of disguise, with no mercy and no fear. Twenty-four years later, she has achieved more than any man could even dream of, killing anyone who steps in her way. She knows exactly what type of man Liam is, and she would rather die than give up the power she has spent her whole life building. But with no other family left, she must not only learn to work with Liam, but the whole Callahan clan.

The Mafia of the past is evolving, and with rival bosses gunning for them, Melody and Liam will have to figure out how to work as one to take down those who stand in their way, all while keeping up appearances.

Power, Family, and Respect are everything.
Warning: This book contains adult language and subject matter including graphic violence and explict sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

21. Where I Belong by J. Daniels

25676379When Mia Corelli returns to Alabama for a summer of fun with her childhood best friend, Tessa, there’s only one thing keeping her on edge. One person that she’d do anything to avoid.

Benjamin Kelly. World’s biggest dickhead.

Mia hates him with a fury and has no desire to ever see him again. When she decides to start her summer off with a bang and finally give away her v-card, she unknowingly hands it over to the one guy that excelled at making her life miserable, learning a valuable lesson in the process.

Always get the name of the guy you’re going home with.

Ben can’t get the girl he spent one night with out of his head. When she leaves him the next morning, he thinks he’ll never see her again. Until he sees her lounging by the pool with his sister.

Mia is determined to hate Ben, even though she can’t forget him.

Ben is determined to prove he’s not the same guy he used to be.
What happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can’t imagine being without?

22. Taking What’s Hers by Alexa Riley

26017044We’ve all been that girl.

Maybe you did a little social media stalking to check him out. Maybe you just drove by his house to see if he was home. Maybe you took it a step further and followed him once or twice.

We’ve all gone a little crazy over a guy before.

I went a little crazy. That’s how Archer Ware ended up tied to the bed. I should probably feel bad about it, and maybe once I get what I want, I will. But right now he’s mine, and that’s all I care about.

This isn’t the forced submission story you’re used to. Valentina will stop at nothing to have the man she wants, and Archer can only take what she gives.

Warning: This book contains an obsessed heroine at threat-level red, a sexy billionaire with a secret of his own, and a story so hot, firefighters can’t put out the flames.
Not responsible if firefighters show up looking to help you out.

23. 31 Days Of Winter by C. J. Fallowfield

22732189Containing sizzling scenes as well as romance, intrigue and humour, the 31 Days trilogy contains adult themes and is suitable for the over 18’s only.

What would you do if everything you thought you knew about your relationship turned out to be a lie? If your boss made you dread going to work each morning, despite the fact that you enjoyed what you did? If you had a dream that you’d never followed because you were scared of change?

Ellie Baxter is a 26 year old Senior Editor in a Publishing firm, whose relationship is stagnant and she feels unfulfilled and underutilised in her career. Following a shocking discovery, her best friend convinces her to take a month out, to give her time to reassess her life. So she books a twenty-eight day retreat in a cute little boathouse, situated on an island, in the middle of a loch, in a remote part of Scotland. Her intention, to be as far away as humanly possible from any distractions.

The gorgeous caretaker of the island that she has escaped to however, instantly challenges that plan. Sexual sparks fly from the moment he picks her up from the airport. Yet while the mutual attraction is undeniable, he insists that nothing can ever happen between them, they can only be friends. As they spend more and more time together, is it a promise that he can keep? Can a man and a woman with sizzling chemistry really just be friends?

He wants to know Ellie’s life story, but refuses to give away much about himself, not least where he disappears to for four hours every day. Ellie is intrigued by him, and becomes determined to break down his emotional walls, as well as tempt him into her bed. But when she finds out his secret, will she still want him?

24. Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

22717015If A Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever. But what if he didn’t love you, first?

No-nonsense Liis Lindy is an agent of the FBI. Deciding she is married only to her job, she breaks off her engagement and transfers from Chicago to the field office in San Diego. She loves her desk. She is committed to her laptop. She dreams of promotions and shaking hands with the director after cracking an impossible case.

Special Agent in Charge Thomas Maddox is arrogant, unforgiving, and ruthless. He is tasked with putting away some of the world’s toughest criminals, and he is one of the best the Bureau has to offer. Though, as many lives as he’s saved, there is one that is beyond his reach. Younger brother Travis is faced with prison time for his involvement in a basement fire that killed dozens of college students, and the media want a conviction. Travis’s only savior is his unusual tie to the mob. In a deal that will spare his brother, Thomas has agreed to recruit Travis into the FBI.

Liis is stubborn, defiant, and yet somehow softens Thomas’s rough edges, making her the perfect agent to accompany him to the ceremony. Posing as a couple, they must travel to Travis & Abby’s beach vow renewal and give him the news, but when the pretending ends, she finds herself wondering if they were pretending at all.

In the second installment of the Maddox Brothers books, experience firsthand the mysterious world of the elusive Thomas Maddox, and how good love can be when you’re not the first, but the last.

25. The Intern by Brooke Cumberland

21878578She’s sexy, fierce, and a loud-mouthed know-it-all…and she’s completely off limits.

Cecilia isn’t your typical college student. Hell, she isn’t a college student at all, but that doesn’t stop her from applying for one of the biggest and prestigious enterprises in the Midwest.

She wants it. She takes it.
She doesn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to finding out the truth.

When Bentley Leighton, soon-to-be CEO of Leighton Enterprises, meets “Ceci,” he’s instantly impressed. He doesn’t have time to train a new intern. However, when he sees her that first day, his intentions begin to change.

He’s the boss. She’s the intern.
Nothing can happen. It’s against the company rules.

Then again, some rules were made to be broken.
What starts as innocent flirting becomes raveled up into so much more—secrets, lies, deceit.

“A library is a hospital for the mind.”


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REVIEW | Mechanic by Alexa Riley


Title: Mechanic
Author: Alexa Riley
Series: Breeding #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 6th 2015

Everything was fine until that innocent little rich girl walked into my garage. Since the second I laid my eyes on her, all I’ve wanted to do is get my dirty hands on her pure body.

There’s one minor obstacle standing in my way, but I’ve got a plan. All I’ve got to do is claim her, and she’ll be mine forever.

Warning: This book is over-the-top, insta-love. There’s nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. If you want it hot and dirty, this is it!

whispers There’s a sweet smutty surprise at the end!


5 STARS!!!


WARNING: This book is over-the-top, insta-love breeding. There’s nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. If you want it hot and dirty, this is it!

Alexa Riley is my go-to smut author, I read every book she wrote, even some that haven’t yet to come out, {lucky girl} All Alexa Riley books are equivalent to a morning quickie, and this one is no different, it’s fast, hard and dirty. The blurb doesn’t disappoint because you get exactly what you expect.Over the top insta-love, breeding to it’s finest, and dirty talk that will blow your mind.

“That’s right, Duchess. This isn’t a bit of fun. This isn’t a fling. This is real. Now , you getting on my bike or do I have to tie you to it? Because I brought rope.”

Most of the things coming out of Paine’s mouth are crude, rude, and unacceptable in the real world, but because I am a huge fan of smut, I couldn’t help but get turned on by him. Paine, is a man who wants Duchess to be his forever, to breed, to love, to hold and to smother her with love and dirty, filthy sex.

“Soon I’ll be fucking you, Duchess. You’ll take me inside your little cunt until I fill you with every drop of cum I have. Then I’ll do it over and over again until you beg me to stop.”

Paine is a man that I don’t think exist in this world, he’s very horny and extremely possessive. After the moment he meets Penelope, the only thought going through his head is how to get in her pants, and how to quickly to impregnated the innocent virgin, so he can keep her by his side forever. I love possessive heroes, and with Paine it’s no different.

Penelope is a virgin girl, fresh out of college. Beautiful, smart and she graduated with business degree from college. When she meets Paine, she doesn’t know how to resist him and his dirty talk, because all she wants is to jump in his arms.

As some short stories, don’t have an actual plot this one did, and I really enjoyed it. It kept my interest from the beginning to the very end. Also for all of those who read the book, you know that you get a bonus story about Josephine and Law. Even though their story is short, I mean very short, Law is no different then Paine, full of himself, extremely good at dirty talk, possessive as much as the main character. Law is also my kind of hero, possessive, protective, and so sweet! and Joey is a virgin like Penelope, but in her case it’s very believable because she grew up with three brothers so she’s more like a tomboy than a girly girl.


” I stopped wearing underwear years ago, getting tired of having them in the way. He always wants me, any time of the day, and I just gave up trying to block him. Instead, I’m almost always in dresses, with no panties, and it’s made for a very happy marriage.”

Alexa will leave you S-A-T-I-S-F-I-E-D. It doesn’t disappoint if you are looking for a book to skip the time, and to leave you panting and wanting more, because I did just that. Highly recommended to everyone who loves smut.






I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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COVER & BLURB REVEAL | Thief by Alexa Riley

thief_rileySo here it is, OMG the cover is so amazing, this guy is super sexy. I actually read the book and the review for this book will be out on January 7th the day the book release ❤

THIEF by Alexa Riley
Release Date: January 7th 2016


Sean Sparrow has one more job to pull: break into the bank, steal what he was hired to take, and get out. He plans everything to the very last detail, sure of success… until he sees Tessa.Tessa Martin lives a humdrum life. With a boring job and a crappy roommate, she’s sure there must be more to life than this. She’s not prepared for the muscle-bound bearded man who walks into her life, offering her everything she’s ever wanted.When Sean breaks down all of Tessa’s walls, she has no choice but to fall hard and fast.But when the truth comes out, and Sean is fully revealed to her, will their instalove be enough to hold them together?

Warning: This book hero is over- the-top obsessed, totally head over heels in love, and desperate to make babies with the heroine ASAP. If you want a fun read with SUPER hot steam, Kindle-melting love, and a beard to rub between thighs, then this book is for you.


I pick up my phone, secretly checking it so no one can see. I don’t know why but I’m so nervous yet excited at the same time.

Sean: So, where am I picking you up?

Me: I’m not sure this is a good idea.

Sean: Am I going to have to come back in there and prove to you otherwise?

Me: I don’t even know you. I can’t just go out with you.

Sean: Isn’t that what dating is for?

He’s right, but I’ve never done this before, and I don’t want him to know that. I probably already seem like a freaking prude. I mull over my response, but he comes back faster.Sean: Give me one dinner.Maybe I should just give it to him straight. If it scares him away, then it’s for the best.

Me: I’ve never done this before.

I hold my breath, waiting for his response.

Sean: Had dinner? I find that hard to believe.

I put the phone back down on the counter. I know he probably didn’t mean it the way I’m thinking. Had dinner? I find that hard to believe. I’m undoubtedly being sensitive, but it still burns. I’m clearly not up for dating if something so simple can make me feel like shit. This man has barely said three words to me and I’m already feeling heartbreak.He could shatter me.

Me: I can’t do this.

I send the text and just stare at my phone. Minutes tick by, each one seeming heavier than the last, with no response.I guess that was that. No fight to make me change my mind. I need to get some air.

“I’m going to lunch,” I mutter to Harper, who’s playing on the computer. The bank has been pretty dead today. Maybe when I get back I can get caught up on some paperwork and get my mind off this Sean guy. How I got so wrapped up so fast, I’ll never understand.I try to tell myself it’s better this way. I just dodged a major bullet.

“K. I’ll go when you get back.

”I go into my office, grabbing my purse from the drawer inside my desk before checking in with a few other people. I slip out the door. I don’t make it two blocks in the direction of my favorite bakery, Muffin Tops, before I’m pushed up against the side of a building.Sean.His mouth is on mine before I can even take in what’s happening. His hands grip my hips in a firm hold, making me gasp, and he steals the opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth. I thought the kiss would be rough and fast with the way he pressed me against the wall, but it’s sweet and soft.He’s taking his time, giving me slow lazy strokes of his tongue. It’s as if he’s savoring my taste, and I let him. I don’t feel as if I’m really kissing him back. I’m just enjoying the warmth of his lips on mine as I come alive inside. I’ve never felt such need in my life.When he nibbles my bottom lip, desire shoots through my whole body, making me want more. I press myself into him, wanting to make the kiss deeper, but just as I do, he pulls away, resting his forehead against mine. His chest rises and falls, and I feel his warm breath against my lips.

“Tell me what I did that scared you off so I don’t do it again.” His eyes are squeezed shut, like he’s trying to get himself under control. His words catch me off guard because I’m still riding the high of my first kiss, and I can barely make out what he’s asking.

“What?” I gasp breathlessly. His eyes pop open, looking into mine. This time they seem more green than brown.

“F*ck. You look good like this.” He moves his body, shielding me more, like he doesn’t want anyone to see me. I have to strain to look up at him. It’s easy for him to cover me with his broad body. I totally forgot we’re on a busy Chicago street in the middle of the day.

“Why’d you back off from me?”

“I didn’t. I’m against a wall. I can’t move.” Wait. Did he say I looked good?

“I mean when I was texting you. My little fox is already trying to give me the slip? You’ll have to be quicker than that.” He smirks at me, showing me his perfectly white teeth. How does he do that? Look all badass with his tattooed arms and big freaking body caging me in, but then his eyes go all soft and he flashes that smile, making him look so…I don’t even have a word for it.

“You going to answer me, babe, or you going to keep staring at my mouth? Because if it’s the mouth, we’ve got to get out of here. I’m not having everyone look at you when I get my hands back on you.”Jesus. I don’t know what to say to that. I’m in way over my head, and I know it. I’m not sure how I’ve not melted into a pile of goo at this point, but I know my face is cherry red.

“I’m not little.” He looks at me like he doesn’t get what I’m saying.

“You called me a little fox. I’m not little, and of course I’ve had dinner before.” I indicate to my body, letting him get my meaning.One of his hands comes up to my cheek, his thumb brushing along my skin.

“You look little to me.”

“Everything is probably little to you,” I snap, something I don’t normally do. I don’t lash out at people, and I immediately feel like a jerkface for saying it.

“Even when you’re feisty, you’re still cute as a f*cking button.” He lets out a chuckle.

“You’ve even got me saying shit like ‘cute as a button.’” He seems to like that, because he’s full-on smiling now, and I can’t help but return one.

“Tell me you’ll go to dinner with me, or I’ll drop down to my knees right here on the busy street and beg. You’ve already got me wrapped around your finger. No need to rub it in my face.”

“You wouldn’t!” No way he would. I can’t see a man like him on his knees.

“You fail to see what I wouldn’t do for you, little fox. Might as well show you.” He goes to drop to his knees, but I grab him to stop his movements. My face is already flushed, and I would probably burst with embarrassment if he really did it.

“Okay. I’ll go.”




I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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COVER REVEAL | #Junkie by Cambria Hebert


#Junkie by Cambria Hebert
Release Date: January 20th 2016

Drew Forrester is a total adrenaline junkie.
His high of choice?
The faster, the better.
He’s been making waves in Maryland’s underground racing circuit since he crossed the state line, and after speaking with him, we know he’s not hitting the brakes anytime soon.
So what exactly does it take to burn rubber and make a name for yourself in a world where the only rule is there are no rules?
You gotta be hungry…
You gotta have balls…
And you can never back down.
What’ve we learned here at GearShark?
Drew is all of the above.
We also know he’s got some secrets buried under his hood.
Secrets we think are loaded with octane and just might set the world of cars on fire.

Check out the full feature article inside…







51Sjja68dVL._UX250_Cambria Hebert is a bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently resides in North Carolina.

Besides writing, Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in, and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (the real boss of the house).

Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. A few of her most recognized titles are: #Nerd, Text, Torch, Tryst, Masquerade, and Recalled.

Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC.

You can find out more about Cambria and her titles by visiting her website:


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REVIEW | Dark Paradise by Winter Renshaw

81gRuGOylBLTitle: Dark Paradise
Author: Winter Renshaw
Genre: Political Romance
Release Date: December 7th 2015

There’s a name for girls like me: Sugar Baby. I’m used to being passed around the sexually depraved, middle-aged senators of Washington D.C. like candy, but when I meet him – the mysterious man who buys my exclusivity for three months for price that should frighten me more than his demands – everything changes.

He’s younger than the others. His touch is softer. His lips sweeter. His need fiercer. He has only one requirement…

A blindfold to protect his identity…and to protect me from the danger I’d face if our arrangement leaked to the world.

No phones. No light. No real names. He says I’m his dark paradise, and we have to keep it that way. He promises I’ll thank him someday.

But what is he really hiding? And what happens if I find out?


5 STARS!!!


This was the first time I’ve read anything by Winter Renshaw and I am so glad I took the plunge with this one. I just thought this was going to be a sexy read were a politian falls for a call girl. Nothing new. Ha! It blew my mind, because it was much more than that.

Camille Buchanan is an an elite escort to some of the most powerful men in DC. She gets an offer she cannot refuse, to be exclusive to someone named “John” for three months. Only thing is she can never see his face. She knows he is different than her usual clients but she is yet to realize how different he is. Camille radiates beauty and grace. Class and charm. Strength and independence. But if you have a glimpse into her wild nights and therein lies a wild minx, a woman so sexually confident that just by looking at a man will have them eating from the palm of her hand; a trait that comes in handy for her self-described job of “a sexual concierge for the well to do and influential.” Her only goal in life is not to love another, but to ultimately be unforgettable.Camille knows her time is limited in DC and has made precautions to keep herself safe from the powerful men there. She just doesn’t realize how much those precautions will come into play in her deal with John.

“John” Ronan Montegomery is part of a DC dynasty. Not only is he slated to be president one day, like his father and grandfather, but when he walks into a room, all eyes are on him. He wanted Camille ever since he first laid eyes on her and made it a point to make her his. Being constantly under the microscope by the entire world, he escapes into what he calls his “Dark Paradise”, a sexy and scintillating three month affair with Camille. But the catch? Blindfolds, absolute darkness, and fake names ensuring complete anonymity. Burned by love in the past, he has all but given up on the concept, and Camille is his perfect escape from that life.

At first their secret meetings are enticing and exiting. Then beguiling and alluring. And just as emotions and feelings start to play a big part in their private affair, the world seems to try to knock them down. An desperate ex trying to lure herself back into Ronan’s life and into the American Royal family by marrying him. A mother hell bent on keeping the legacy alive, doing everything in her power to keep it that way. And a traitor threatening to reveal the truth.

The many twist and turns not only make this book dark, deliciously dangerous and thrilling, but it keeps you on your toes, from the beginning til the end. Add in a love story that tugs at your heart strings and Winter’s amazing writing skills that keep you intrigued and excited. I will make sure to read more books by her.





B1UwGRXEY8S._UX250_AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR Winter Renshaw recently celebrated her third 29th birthday. By day, she wrangles kids and dogs, and by night, she wrangles words. She loves peonies, lipstick, and balmy summer days. Chips and salsa are her jam, and so is cruising down the highway with the windows down and the air blasting while 80s rock blares from the speakers of her Mom-UV.

She would describe her writing style as sexy, conflicted, and laced with heart. Her heroes are always alpha and her heroines are always smart and independent. HEA guaranteed.

You can friend Winter here –
or like here at

And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list here —>

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REVIEW | Traded by Rebecca Brooke

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00004]Title: Traded
Author: Rebecca Brooke
Genre: Dark & Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 7th 2015

I’m a pawn, a piece of chattel, a toy–used and forgotten.

When you’re done with me, you can walk away with no regrets. That’s how my husband sees me. I try to be the best wife possible for him. After all, he took me on when no one else would. Now–he’s in debt and owes more money to the loan shark than we can possibly repay.

But, don’t worry, he’s come up with a solution, it’s just not one I was expecting.

…I’ve been TRADED.


4,5 STARS!!!

NOTE: This book deals with severe verbal abuse. If you have triggers please consider before clicking.

I am so glad that I read this book. It wasn’t an easy read. Traded is intense but it was so worth the read. I felt connected with Elena and the way Ashton treats her it is way beyond amazing. I loved their story.

Although in theory the situation is not that realistic the verbal abuse and suffering a the lead female character Elena is gut wrenching and absolutely on point. Elena feels unworthy, ugly and is trying her best to be a good wife. She wants nothing more than to please her husband Dominic. Elena believes she is to do everything her husband Dominic says. She is learning to be the perfect wife and since he loves her and married her she owes it to him since nobody else would want her. When Elena married her high school sweetheart Dominic, she never realized he’d end up being such a hateful man. He is constantly saying hateful and degrading things to her and has caused Elena to think she doesn’t deserve better. His taunts and the vile things that spew from his mouth will make you want to wrap your hands around his throat and squeeze really hard. I wanted to pummel this ass hat from the word go. In retrospect that is a great thing for an author; connection with the characters no matter bad or good. He made her feel ugly, unworthy, like nobody else would ever want her.

It gets worse, when Dominic ends up not having enough money to pay his debt to loan shark, he trades Elena for three months. Ashton ‘loan shark’ is astounded that any man would treat his wife the way Dominic treated Elena. He allowed Dominic to trade Elena for three months in order to help Elena realize that she is worth more than and deserves more than Dominic. And being raised by a father who would never raise a hand or desrespect a woman, he doesn’t want to leave such a beautiful woman with such a vile excuse of man. I loved Ashton so much, even though he’s a part-time loan shark, he’s an amazing man who owns several restaurants and was an amazing businessman. He cares for Elena and he did everything in his power to teach Elena how beautiful she is and show her the ways a woman should be treated. Elena was brainwashed by her supposed husband and all she thought is that everything she does should be for him. It’s sad when you realize those kind of relationship exist in real world. During the time Elena spends with Ashton, they grew closer and closer, both falling for each other and as the relationship grows between Elena and Ashton you see her finally begin to life her life again.

This is my first book by Rebecca Brooke and I am definitely going to read more book by her. Rebecca has handled a very serious subject in a brilliant and inspiring book. It’s told from dual POVs and has a happy ending.It is amazing to watch Elena come back to life and finally stand up for herself and what she wants. You will absolutely want to hug, high five and be Ashton’s best friend or right hand man, I just wish there was a book about Miller, Ashton’s brother. I highly recommend reading this story, because some readers can relate to this story in so many ways.





A1+WMZ9gKGL._UX250_Rebecca lives near the shore towns of New Jersey, with her husband and two kids.

When she’s not writing she loves reading and watching SOA and TrueBlood.