Let’s talk WRITING!

As many of you know I love books, all kinds of books, romance, mystery, paranormal, thriller. And for a long time now, i have been trying to write a book of my own. But every time, I have a brilliant idea for a book, and start writing it down, I lose it, all the inspiration and motivation just drifts away. And I had so many brilliant ideas, so many missed chances. I just drives me insane, even know I have a brilliant idea. But I don’t know what to do, how to write it, how not to mess up again. Because I have a feeling that if I mess up now, I will give up writing even though I love it so much.


The current idea I have right now, might seem cliche, but those kinds of stories I love to read.
A tortured painter falls in love with a person who makes him feel whole, loved and treasured.
So here’s a problem, I have written a little part to it, a prologue. And that where the problem arises, how do I continue? How do I introduce him to the other characters? How do I make him fall in love? How do I make him when he has been sad all his life? Just how?

I am begging for advice, if you have any good advice, please comment below. I will be very happy to hear your opinions, your thoughts and your advices.


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