Cover Reveal · Paranormal

COVER REVEAL + TEASER EXCERPT | Barbarian’s Choice by Ruby Dixon


Title: Barbarian’s Choice
Author: Ruby Dixon
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 2016


WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

It’s…a woman. A stranger.
I must be hallucinating, because she’s gorgeous. Something out of the stuff of dreams, with arching, proud horns, long black hair, and a hauntingly lovely face. Her eyes glow a strange, bright blue and she’s completely, utterly keffing naked except for the tiniest of loincloths.
That does it. I’ve lost it. I’ve finally snapped.
She beams at me, all white teeth and vibrant blue skin, her tail fluttering back and forth with interest. She looks at me with awe and wonder both on her face, and she’s…just breathtakingly beautiful. I’m stunned by how perfect she is, from the high, tight buds of her breasts to the long, muscular length of her legs. I don’t know how she’s not freezing out here, because she’s wearing absolutely nothing.
Of course, she’s imaginary, so I don’t suppose it matters.
She says something, her glowing eyes distracting me, and she picks up one of the discarded ship parts and says something, cocking her head at me like she’s just asked a question.
“Sweetheart, if you’re a dream of mine, you’d be less interested in the mechanical parts and more interested in mine,” I murmur. Even though I haven’t felt the need for female companionship in a long, long keffing time, the sight of this woman is making my cock stir uncomfortably. It has to be because she’s so naked and so…fit and lean. There’s not an ounce of fat on her body. Her perfect, perfect body.
The girl says something again and holds the gear out to me. Her long hair blows in the wind and I see she has a few braids tangled in with the long, glossy locks. Her horns aren’t capped and she’s got no tattoos, no body art whatsoever. She looks wild and primitive, and…and I must be completely crazy, because she looks so keffing real and utterly sexy.
But this planet is deserted. Inhospitable. The air is poison. “You’re NOT real, are you?”
Her brows pinch, and her mouth turns down. She gestures at the gear again, her gaze flicking over me with avid curiosity. I notice she keeps stopping at my horns and my facial tattoos. I have a feeling that if my bionic arm were uncovered, she’d stare at that, too. Normally it bugs me when people stare, but I don’t think there’s malice or glee in this imaginary woman, just curiosity. Curiosity and sheer, abandoned beauty.
I guess my spank material is taking a turn toward the odd. Huh. I take the gear from her hands, and as I do, our fingers brush.
And that’s when I realize three things.
She’s real, she’s incredibly warm, and she’s purring.


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