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REVIEW | Lost Angel by N. K. Love


Title: Lost Angel
Author: N. K. Love
Series: The List Series #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Release Date: February 14th 2016

The series begins as Beth’s marriage to her high school sweetheart ends. When they said ‘until death do us part’, she didn’t know that in her case it was the slow death of her sex life that’d part them—well, that’s if it was every really alive to start with. Their marriage was convenient and rose tinted. It was easy and lazy. But that chapter of her life is over and it’s time for the next chapter to begin.

Now she’s on a road with no name and feeling pretty lost. She’s no idea how to find her feet on this new journey but that’s what best friends are for. Willow makes Beth see that she needs to loosen up and stop trying to micromanage her life. She needs to let go by ditching the compass and tearing up the map.

During a night of girly giggles, fuelled by vodka, Willow announces an idea to write a bucket list of things Beth should do before she starts taking life too seriously again. So when opportunities arise, instead of overthinking and sitting on the fence, Beth agrees to a new ‘Fk It’ mantra. It’s not her bucket list—it’s her ‘Fk It List’. Featuring an array of sexual adventure from tepid to scorching hot.

After crossing paths with Jaxson Carter, her life will never be the same again. He’s complicated, dark, mysterious and the complete opposite to anything that she’s used to. Maybe that’s exactly what she needs in her life. He’s handsome, successful, a beast with a gladiatorial presence and absolute sex on legs. Their connection is cripplingly powerful, maybe too powerful because Beth feels utterly incapable around him. Her sexual inexperience tears chunks out of her self-confidence.

Beth has suffered sexual deprivation for far too long. It’s time to let her inner Miss Alter Ego out to play! Instead of planning for the future she’ll start living for the moment.

Join Beth on the first steps of her journey as she puts herself out of her comfort-zone and finds her way to being single, enjoying life like she never has before. Get ready for pampering, parties, sex and lots of fun and giggles along the way.

This road of discovery and exploration will take Beth through the entire series as she tackles her filthy ‘F**k It List’.


4,9 STARS!!!

I have received the ARC version from the author personally, after I made some teasers for her debut novel. So what can I say about this book. There are many things, like for example GOD FUCKING DAMN. This book is super hot, filled with dirty, dirty words, that got my head spinning round and round. And like a cherry on the top of every delicious cake, this book is about an interracial couple, which I totally love. I read so many interracial novels, and this one goes in the list top 10 best interracial novels, with place 5. Which is totally amazing, I thing. Just so you know this is only the first book in The List Series, there will be more.. Lost Angel, Dirty Angel, Fallen Angel and Always Angel.

In this story we have a recently divorced Bethany who is in a search of forfillment, because she realized that she was missing something in her marriage, mostly she missed her husband paying attention to her, and her sexual needs. So they decided to go their separate ways. Bethany went to live with whorish {sorry!} lesbian friend, and her husband stayed at their shared home. So now she needs to find out what she missed in her failed marriage. She and her friend made a list about all the sexual things Beth needs to experience. That list is very long, but she written off few things in a couple of days. What she never expect is that she will meet the man that will drive her crazy with lust, and make her body tremble everytime he’s around her. So what does she do? She tells him off. But he ain’t giving up so easy.

When Jaxson sees Beth for the first time, all he can think about is her luscious curves, her pouty lips and getting between her legs. But when she tells him off, he decides that he should, but he can’t because everytime he sees her, his dick gets so hard, that he can’t think straight. So he gives in to the temptation.

At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, because there wasn’t much dialogue between Jaxson and Bethany..{which I hope author will change in the next book}. But when I got to the end I was like yeah this rocks can’t wait for the next book. So hurry up N. K. ❤

The List:

Fuck It List

1. Blowjob
2. Handjob
3. Cunnilingus
4. Sex in a workplace
5. Sex in a car
6. Sex in the shower
7. Multiple orgasm
8. Get a tattoo
9. Get a piercing
10. Sex on the beach
11. Phone sex
12. Cybersex / Sexting
13. Tantric sex
14. Get stoned
15. Use food / ice sexually
16. 69
17. Kiss a girl
18. Tie somebody up
19. Be tied up
20. Watch a porno alone
21. Watch a porno with a partner
22. Do a lap dance
23. Do a strip tease
24. Sexual role-play
25. Make a sex tape
26. Sex outdoors
27. Go to strip show / live sex show
28. Be spanked
29. Hit somebody
30. Kinky sex


AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/1Lq6SfF
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1Ocr30n
AMAZON CA: http://amzn.to/2157ujN
AMAZON AU: http://bit.ly/245DzdV



12631328_214174605596971_7887802961061156728_nN K Love is a sucker for a beautiful romance, especially when it comes with a bucketful of face fanning. Her partner doesn’t share her obsession and there’s always eye rolling whenever she gets giddy or teary over a great scene in a book or on screen. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably being a child with her children or being a loner with her coin collection. Yes, I said coin collection, don’t laugh!

Follow N K Love on Instagram @novelkindoflove for tempting teasers and daily interaction. I’d really love to hear from you, so drop me a message on there or over on my Facebook page – Novel Kind of Love.


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